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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Are You A 'Manly" Woman?

So I'm having a conversation yesterday with my seventeen year old daughter, Ann. She is the epitome of all things girly (since birth) and is not suited for the "snakes and snails and puppy dog tails" type of existence. Having a way with word faux pases (and I having a list a mile long of the hilarious verbiage that has spewed from her mouth) she said, "Mom, have you always been a manly woman? Did you ever wear ribbons or skirts or dress up?" I, all the while flabbergasted, dropped to the floor laughing. Most days I wear comfy jeans, roll up my sleeves, mow the grass, gather firewood, put up canned goods, burn leaves, and enjoy both typical male and female type of work around the house. Her parting comment: "I don't know what dad would do without you." I love you too, sweetie.

(help me with my French .. is faux pases the plural of faux pas?)


Pat said...

I'm afraid I'm more a girly-girl then and manly-girl, either that or I'm just lazy. I prefer to call myself girly rather then lazy though. I really do admire you "manly women" and that's what I want to be when I grow up. I think what you said about Ann being girly since birth sums it up beautifully - we are as God created us....and she's right, your hubby is SO BLESSED!
As for the plural of faux pas...I have no idea. You'd think a girly girl would know that wouldn't you?

Sara said...

i'm mainly manly. except when i'm not

Constance said...

I took 3 years of High School French but that was an incredibly long time ago! I am of no help whatsoever!

I love getting all girlied up but I am a manly woman a lot of the times! I think it's a necessity at times. I had a single Mom growing up and I was a single Mom twice before I met my beloved all of those years ago. I can hang drywall, lay tile, paint, move, drive long distances by myself or with a carful of kids.

Actually, I think one of my hubby's best compliments to me was his trusting me with the kids on long distance trips. While living in Nebraska I was planning a trip home when a friend told me that she could never drive all of that distance without her husband. It made me realize that Dave didn't see me as some hot-house flower which needed to be pampered. Instead, he saw me as someone totally capable and trustworthy to handle anything that came up! That wa a good feeling.

I've already established that I am his dream date. I love Westerns, war movies and action (guy) films. I sat down and watched "300" with him Wed night and in spite of some of the "sexual" stuff in it, thoroughly enjoyed it!


Jim said...

Hi MM, I can ask Mrs. Jim about that when she comes back from town. She has had two years college French.

Her dictionary shows 'faux' as false or wrong, 'pas' as step as in first step. That's how I interpret it.

If it is, then, the first step, YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST STEP! Hence, no need for plural.

There will be more 'preacher friend' blogs, I had it longer and took out part of it. I know of three interplay items we have had or are having to write about.
After the post, I sent them one about Kudzu bearing his cross.
Paste all that in to see it.

First, I need more Scotland, I just haven't been having much time for blogging.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Mrs.Mac...I guess our sense of humor saves many a day. I wish I could do more things than I do...to help my hubby!