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Friday, October 26, 2007

History Buff's Dream Date Night

The Mr. and I attended a dinner/lecture last night sponsored by the Idaho Humanities Council at the CDA Resort. Guest speaker was the New York Times Best Selling author Andrew Carroll. He spoke about the importance of preserving our nation's history by protecting wartime correspondence before they are lost or destroyed. Many of these letters have made their way into his books and PBS documentary War Letters. If anyone would like to contribute a photocopy of a personal war time letter, find further information at www.warletters.com


Constance said...

That's really interesting! After my grandmother died she left a trunk filled with old photos to me. I was surprised to find a letter she had kept written by her younger brother, my great-uncle A.Z. He and his twin brother were both assigned to the USS Enterprised Aircraft Carrier. Uncle AZ had written to her on Aug 21, 1942 and as he closes his letter he writes,
"Don't worry about your brothers because we can take care of ourselves."
He was killed in action 3 days later when the ammunitions below deck exploded after a Japanese bombing run on them in the Solomon Islands!

Pat said...

We could have gone on a double date if we lived near by - I know that Hal would really have enjoyed this.
When we went to Gettysburg, I was so moved to see where Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg address and to stand at that same battlefield where many lost their lives.

Maggie Ann said...

What a great dream date! My Father served in WWII. He had a lot of sad stories. Just coming by to see what you've been up too, we spent the whole afternoon outdoors at an auction and I'm soooo tired!