"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Time For Pampering

The past few months have taken their toll on my hands. From stripping paint, painting, using glaze, and getting a hole in my rubber work gloves, my fingers resemble a vagabond's or construction worker's scratchy stained hands. I've used scrub brushes, soaps, you name it, but my hands look dirty. Brown paint glaze has gotten embedded in my overworked dry winter fingers and I'm thinking of having to wear a pair of my grandmother's white cotton gloves until I grow some new skin.

Friday is my hair appointment; this is to "remove" any signs of gray hair and get a fresh stylish cut on the ends. I try not to be too vain, and Lord knows my closet screams simplicity, but I just can't let go of keeping up with my hair color. At what age should a woman go a la natural with her hair? This is not meant to offend those of you that have let nature take its own course with your hair ... more power to you. And some women actually age very gracefully with beautiful silver hair. But for me, my hair un-touched resembles a pad of steel wool, and the lack of color takes every bit of life out of my face. Your opinions are welcomed.

"Gray hair is a crown of splendor;
it is attained by a righteous life."
Proverbs 16:31

edit: No, those are not my hands, I don't sport any tattoos :),


Michelle said...

enjoy your pampering day!

Pat said...

I can't imagine letting my hair go gray, I'm so fair skinned, I'd look like a blurry vision. My mom is almost 85 and she still colors her own hair. I've given up coloring my own and that's my one splurge - I go and get it colored. I'd love to get my nails done, but that's not going to happen, its more maintenance and money then I care to get into ~ but I do love the look of beautifully manacured french nails.
Better spiffy up - DH is getting ready to call the Mangy Moose Lodge home!

gramma_s said...

I love your tea party, can I come? (that is sparkling cider you're serving isn't it :-) O, you're missing the tea. Maybe Ijymn can bring some. I love your post and your sense of humor.

gramma_s said...

Maybe I can bring some tea. Sorry, The jymn is part of the code I was suppose to type.. Maybe I'll learn sometime

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes, gramma_s, I was wishing I could change those two old ladies glasses into tea cups ... thank you for suggesting they're drinking sparkling cider ;)

Willena said...

I wore my hair almost waist length through my teens until four years ago this summer when my best friend treated me to a haircut. I've kept it relatively short ever since, because it looks much healthier this way. It was this same friend who encouraged me to try colouring my hair for the first time ever, in the summer of 2004. Although I am almost 54, I have very little grey, and my hair has maintained its natural very dark brown... almost black. The colour I use is close to my natural colour, so really the only difference is that it colours the grey.

I can't afford to have my hair or nails done, beyond the occasional haircut, and very rarely, a perm... but I am happy with doing it myself.

Jada's Gigi said...

I think Proverbs is referring to age and wisdom not literal gray...right?? :) I will NEVER let my hair go gray...(I don't think anyways) most all of the stylish older women I know have their hair colored and smartly cut...I plan to continue in that tradition til I'm too old to get out...then someone can come to my nursing home to do my hair...LOL

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

I'm about 70% gray now and color constantly to keep it gone. If I let it fade just a little I look older, a LOT older, so I can just guess how old I would look if I quit coloring. Not gonna happen.

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac..I think it is alright that you are going to color you hair a bit.
My sister, Betty does and it really pleases her husband.
From all of the reading I have done of your blog, I can honestly say that there is not a vain bone in your body
You are a true Christian lady!!!!....Love Terry

Sara said...

my hair can't remember what color it was in the first place it's been so long since it's been that color!

Pat said...

Hello Mrs. Mac,
It's time we dropped the formalities. If I'm going to be sharing a guest room with baby Jacob, I would like to call you something a little less formal then Mrs. Mac.
I know the names of your children and grandchildren to be. I'm pretty certain your first name isn't Mrs.
Can you share your real first name or are you in a witness protection program?

Terry said...

Hey Pat...One time when that Mrs. Mac was a little perturbed at me for not wanting snow, she gave me an assignment to do.
"Make a list of everything that is nice about the winter and the snow"
That person signed her name Cathy. but I don't know, me!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh, Miss Terry, where is your loyalty???

Pat said...

Terry, you are sweet and funny! Thanks for the clue!

Mrs. Mac you can continue in your witness protection mode - I will refer to you by your code name on line.
But when I'm sharng a cup of coffee with you, I'm dropping the Mrs ~ maybe I'll just call you Mac!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...I am sorry.
I worried throughout the night about your wondering on my blog where my loyalty is.
When I came here just now to see you, here you have asked the question again!
You know where my loyalty is! With you of course!!
After all I DID forgive you about all that snow that you sent and are STILL sending, I might add, our way and after all all too, I only told Pat who is your bestest friend who is coming to claim the room thst you have been preparing for her,and who is determined to be the first one to get her arms around Jacob AND the Little Gift and who it seems is willing to keep your name a secret by calling you Mac!

So PLEASE forgive me!!........Love from Terry, the stool pigeon!

I wonder HOW ever did that Pat know that you were under the witness protection plan?
I never told her THAT!
So there must be ANOTHER stool pigeon about MRS MAC!!!

It is NOT a pretty picture!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Miss Patty, If you refer to me as plain old "Mac", I'll get my feelings hurt. It's just not dignified to call a lady by her name without a proper title. Yes, I am in the witness protection program, so mums the word please. When we sit face to face sipping tea and rocking sweet baby Jacob in the most special of guest rooms (designed just for you), then and only then may you call me by my given name (lol). Good golly, even my dear mom calls me by a pseudonym. If you send me your e-mail address, I'll make that doozy of a name privy to you, ttfn.

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...am I forgiven???.... from Miss Terry

I hope I find out before I go and work the 24 hour shift I am doing because one of the girls is sick...Otherwise , my whole time working, I will just be in the depths of despair!!

It will NOT be a pretty sight!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Miss Terry, "It is well with my soul", go in peace to work your 24 hour shift and be not "in the depths of despair (you sound like Anne Shirley, dear) ... why should your slip up create any grief to you as you ponder whether you have put my dear family in mortal danger from revealing my true first name (sigh)!

Pat said...

Dear Mrs. Mac (not plain old Mac)
Your secret identity is safe with Terry and I ~ no one will ever hear it from us ~ I'm not sure we even know what it is! Personally I think the name you told me is just a ruse to throw me off the trail!
You will continue to be Mrs. Mac - decorator of new homes - mother to sons and daughters, contractor/wife/companion to dh and soon to be grandmother.
Just like the old tv show Get Smart, the cone of silence has fallen on your true identity!

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Ha! I know her name. I know how TALL she is. I know the children's real names. But I ain't tellin.

Word Verification Word of the Day is: qwjnfy. Not as much fun as the one a couple of days ago.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you be silent northeast iowa mom (lol) ... I, too, know your true identity, hubby and children's names :) and even how VERY TALL you are :) and your fondness of all things dolls.

and a find ukdvsykh to you too :)