"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, February 26, 2007

Could You Be A D*O*V*E Girl?

I'm sure by now if you have a TV or magazine subscription you've seen the advertisements of middle age and older women clad in their birthday suits strategically posed as to not show too much "ECKS-rated" (rolf) skin. Now really, if the gender was reversed and they used old wrinkly skinned overweight men the company sales would take a fast nose dive. (Me thinks) I would have to return my magazine to the store shelf and/or cancel the remainder of my twenty-four month subscription. While I applaud this company for their efforts to show real women instead of stick-thin air brushed models, some things are best left covered in modest attire and relegated to be seen only under the marriage bed covers. But if you'd like to try a free sample of their newest line, go right ahead. I sent away for mine just this morning. If you haven't viewed the ads, you can before or after ordering your sample.


Pat said...

I saw the ads, and while I applaude the efforts of not only featuring "perfect" women, I don't think this look will ever catch on ! :)
Think I'll send away for my sample, I'm always on the lookout to reverse the aging process - so far I haven't found it!
Speaking of aging (ouch!)
hope your birthday was wonderful!

Pat said...

That should have read:
I'm always on the lookout for a PRODUCT to reverse the aging process...
if you leave out a word or two you sound really silly !

Terry said...

Those "dove" girls were always so pretty and innocent in those commercials.
And not a hair out of place!
I could never attain to it.
Always had spaghetti stains on my face, had hair flying all over the place and I was FAR from innocent, as you well know by now Mrs. Mac!!..love Terry

Hey Pat You are always as young as you feel!!
You and Mrs.Mac sound like a couple of youngsters sometimes!

Mrs. Mac..I hope that the little Gift enjoyed your birthday cake too!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Miss Terry,

The key word is WAS innocent in those commercials ... did you check out the new ones???

The Gift doesn't eat sweets (except for jellybeans) and has never had a cavity :) (I try to offer him treats ... but he refuses).

Pat ... let me know how the free sample works for you :)

Terry said...

No I can't say as I have Mrs. Mac.
Why do they have to go and ruin a good thing?

Tell the Gift I love jelly beans especially the black ones!!Yummy!!

I am off today.
In between the computer, making cd labels for Grampa Yade story discs and roasting a turkey,I am trying to tidy the house up which I am the reason it is a mess.
Bernie is tidy and clean all the time, but they DO say that opposites attract,eh?....Love Terry

Sara E Anderson said...

I think we ought to take what we can get, because no company in its right mind is going to be launching an ad campaign purely for the emotional enrichment of consumers. They want to make money. The earlier Dove commercials that showed a bunch of differently-sized (and complected, etc) women were part of a campaign to sell their (ineffective) cellulite-disappearing lotion. Jeez guys, way not to prey on media-created insecurities.

Saija said...

it's a step in the RIGHT direction re "we are ALL beautiful" in the different stages of the earthly life! :o) ...

and even better - maybe us old gals can really take over ALL the fashion magazines ... *chuckle*

Terry said...

Hey Mrs. Mac ...Jim sang a real Happy Birthday song to you on my blog.
I guess he would have done it here but the poor guy didn't want to get mixed up with those new dove girls, I'm thinking!
Can you believe it that Jim is over a hundred years old and he still acts like a youngster, which proves my point Miss Pat!!... HA!!...Love Terry

Jada's Gigi said...

I had heard about the DOVE girls but I must say i was a tad bit taken aback when i opened up my Better Homes and Garden mag on Saturday to see the full ad in ALL its glory right in front. LOL my Jadabear was looking on with me and wanted to know who the big black naked lady was!! HAHA
I must say..this new marketing strategy is working..we're talking about them aren't we?? :)

Mrs. Darling said...

I guess I live in a bubble. I have no idea what dove girls you all are talking about. But yeh, I do understand free sample!