"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Day Tripping

Since a lot of you Canadian and Mid-Westerners are deep in a snow drift, or hibernating during the deep freeze, why not day dream about a few mini trips you can take during the warmer months that lie just ahead? The day dreams have to be of a semi local nature, and perhaps some place you've never visited, but always meant to see; in your own backyard, down the street around the corner, 20 ... 50 ... or ... 100 miles from home. Somewhere you can go and come back the same day or spend the weekend. I'm not talking about the save for ten years type of two week vacation, just the affordable, do-able on a shoe string budget type of trip. Here's my top three:

1. International Selkirk Loop: North America's first and only scenic byway. We can catch this about 45 minutes north of our home and will probably have to be a weekend jaunt. Too bad dh and I don't have Harley's ... vroooom, vrooom! Travels through Washing, Idaho and British
Columbia. Check out the link above.

2. Route Of The Hiawatha at Lookout Pass: This section of the bike route is an easy downhill grade of family friendly trail through some of the most scenic stretches in the country. You only have to ride it one way (I'm all for the easy downhill part :) This too is a day trip.

3.Cataldo Mission: This beautiful historic building is about a thirty minute drive. It's in an unspoiled area and boasts the oldest structure in Idaho.

Your assignment should you accept is to report back with your top three summer destinations in your own back yard. I can't wait to check out your areas.

Photos: Rout of the Hiawatha and The International Selkirk Loop

PS: You southern belles are welcome to day trip along with your northern pals. Share the wealth :)

I'll even post a link if you provide enough info:

Cheryl's Top Links: Tybee Island, GA; Nantahala Forest; Dahlonega, GA
Miss Terry's Links: Banff, Alberta; Golden, British Columbia; Alberta; Prairies of Manitoba
Gramma_s Links: Leslie Gulch, Oregon; Silver City, Idaho; Balanced Rock & Shoshone Falls
(near Twin Falls, Idaho)
Pat's Top Links: Frankenmuth, MI; Frankfort, MI; Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Museum, Dearbor MI (metro Detroit) You can't forget Mackinac Island & Fudge Shops
Margie's Links: Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH; Put In Bay, Lake Erie


Jada's Gigi said...

These places look awesome! My hubby and I would especailly enjoy the biking trail on the rails to trails route!
A couple of trips I wouldn't mind taking in the SouthEastern part of the country are to Nantahala Forrest in the Smokey Mtns of NC, Tibee Is. off the coast of GA or the little town of Dahlonega in the GA mtns. (its name means gold in an Indian language and it is the site of the first Gold rush in this country) All are within about 3hrs drive or less.

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac My happiest dream would be to be on the warm highway on the back of Bernie's motorcycle, driving through the Manitoba prairies where I would blow a kiss to Saija and Leo, and then crossing the border into Saskatewan where you can almost touch the clouds with your hands and see a thunder storm a way in the distant from our sunny dry place on the seat of the mororcycle.
Then into Alberta, where I would tell the breeze to carry a howdy how to a new friend, Rambling Rose and then on to Banff where the mountains are surrounding me on every side and then just drive over the British Columbia border to Golden, B.C. just to say that we had been there!!

Oh those five times that we took that trip were surley the good old days!!

Again memories are so sweet!!!...Love Terry

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...Is that a snow ball that somebody threw at the sun?
I hope that Jel dowan't see it!! Ha!!

Thanks for your good wishes for spring.
Are you feeling guilty??

Mrs. Mac said...

Am I feeling guilty??? Well, maybe just a wee bit. It was in the mid 30's (F) here today and supposed to be heading up to the 40's (F). ...And, no, that's not a snowball, but an unusual shape for a cloud :) Did you ever take that wonderful trip you wrote about on the back of Bernie's motor cycle?? It's a very long trip for that mode of transporation. I'm glad you made acquaintance with Rambling Rose. You know, she and I share the same maiden name ... so we're undoubtable somehow related. She's a sweet sister in Christ too. Well, now look at me, I'm prattling on (remind you of anyone?) :)
Mrs. Mac

gramma_s said...

Only a day? Pop can make a day tip out of going to Multnomah Falls and back 680 mile round trip. But day trips I like to take would be to Leslie Gulch in Southern Oregon. Take Hwy 95 down through Idaho and Southern Oregon. You'll come to Succor Creek Road, after 10 or 12 miles of gravel road you turn off to Leslie Gulch Road, In about another 10 miles a dirt road takes you down into L.G. Named after Mr. Leslie who was struck by lightning before entering the gulch. You are traveling over the desert, you suddenly drop into a canyon. It is full of beautiful rock formations some reachig as high as 2000 feet from the canyon floor. As the sun sets it turns the rocks to gold and then when the moon come out it is romantic beyond description.
Another day I like to spend the day in Silver City. The Queen of the Ghost towns in the west. It is located in Idaho. If you can manage the road in you will find many of the buildings like they were when the silver was being mined in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The city is on a hill and there is no indoor plumbing and no electricity until just recently. The old hotel still stands and it is an experience in its self to have a cup of coffee and a piece of pie. The day Mrs. Darling and
I were there, there were 6 or 7 in our group and only three pieces of pie left in the Hotel. Some had ice cream (I think it was left over from the late 1800's.) If you are fortunate to get a tour of the old Hotel (which you can still rent a room there) you will find out that it has been added on to 3 different times and if you rent a room in the middle of the Hotel you might look out the window, just to see the hall in the new addition. They never bothered to remove the windows when they added on.
Another day trip would be to Balance Rock and Shoeshone Falls. although several miles apart you still take in both in a day. You have to see the Falls in the spring before they turn off the water for irrgation, or in the winter when there is ice, Balanced Rock is a huge rock 48 feet high and 40 foot across, sitting on a pedestal 17 inches by 36 inches. It is awesome, when you visit it you will realise it didn't evolve, it was created.
Are you sure you ment it when you asked me to come visit? ;-0
Now to get this manuscript posted.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my what gorgeous pics Mrs Mac. I wanna come to your place and take a trip with you!

Jada's Gigi said...

These spots look awesome! I would love visitng all of them! I really like the looks of that magic place at Shosone Falls....good idea to list these..

Pat said...

For close to home trips I never tire of going to Frankenmuth, Michigan...little Bavaria. Lots to see and taste and from my house its about 1 1/2 hours drive.
Secondly I love the beaches on the west side of the state, but I find the Frankfort area with it's lighthouses so beautiful.
Practically out my back door is The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn Mi. You can soak up American History by walking though the village and seeing the homes of Edison and Henry Ford, or ride a horse drawn carriage or a model T. In the museum you can see everything from the chair Abe Lincoln sat in that fateful night he died, to the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. Greenfield Village is a national gem. What an incredible nation we have - thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Terry said...

Yes we did Mrs. Mac and I loved every moment of it.
We camped in a tent every night!
We went west, the first two years on a 500CX Honda and then we bought a Goldwing 1100.
We always stopped for a weekend so that I could go to church and one time, I saw a few little Sunday School boys looking at me and trying not to laugh.
I wondered why and then I suddenly thought..Hmm.."I know what you little guys are thinking.You are looking at me and thinking that I look just like a tall raccoon, right?"
You see Mrs Mac, one bad thing about travelling by motorcycle, you have to wear big sun glasses and that is the only spot on your body that doesn't get sun tanned!!
Ever hear about "ring around hte collar"?
Well..... What I had was "ring around the eye balls"!!

After I explained to the kids we all laughed together about it!!

I am glad that Jel melted that snow ball you threw at the sun.
Cloud, INDEED!!!.........Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

After checking out all of the great places you gals suggested, now I need to start saving for a few long distance trips. And Miss Terry, if you ever get to Golden, BC again (just for your name's sake :) ... you let me know. That's only a few hundred miles from me! Thanks for sharing the great back yard destinations! I think I'll begin with the Eastern Oregon and Idaho trips first :)

Michelle said...

Great idea! I'm going to have to pull out a map and see what I can find that is a day's drive for my area!

Pat said...

Thanks for adding Mackinac Island - that's a must if you're in the area. Just make sure you have deep pockets that are filled with money. :) The Island is about an hours drive north of our cottage and even if you don't take the ferry to Mackinac Island, there's a lot to see and do in Mackinac City and that beautiful Mackinac Bridge is something to behold!
Once again ~ America the beautiful!

gramma_s said...

This was fun ! What's our next assignment?

Margie said...

I would have to say Cedar Point, I'm with Pat on 'The muth, my dad's boat for a trip on Lake Erie, Put in Bay.

Mrs. Mac said...

Thanks for sharing all the lovely spots near your backyards! It's been fun to "travel" and see a glimpse of some different areas on our fine continent!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac..I received an email from our friend David Fisher.
He has been ill.
Could you please pray or him?... Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes, Miss Terry.

xxx Mrs. Mac xxx