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Friday, February 23, 2007

All In A Name

If you had the stomach to follow all the nonsensical threads about my true identity in the comment section in the last post, it is possible for a person to have several names and still be one and the same. For security reasons, I try not to reveal too much personal info at any given time. HELLO PEOPLE, this is the big bad Internet and with only a few Google searches, it's possible to find just about anybody;) . And if you're willing to pay a small fee, someone can even get your address and phone number if you're not in the directory. Once they have your address, they can use Google Earth to zoom in on a picture of you hanging laundry in the backyard;). I may be a bit paranoid from being married to an officer of the law (ya think?), but I'd rather play it safe. Of course, when you are invited over for tea and scones all pseudonyms can be dropped. Now go have a safe day.

Photos: Will the real Mrs. Mac please stand up?


gramma_s said...

A very intersting post. For a long time i wouldn't hardly use the internet because i was afraid the wrong people would know everything about me, but I've learned they can find it out anyhow. I do try to be careful what i write (you probably don't think so. :-) I about changed my web name because I looked it up on google and I found there were grandmas that were real bad (in my book) I love your moose, I hope he's not sticking out his tounge at me. :-)

Pat said...

I agree with gramma_s, right down to the last sentence.
However ~ I would never want to to make anyone uncomfortable, Mrs. Mac works for me.
'nuff said!

Mrs. Mac said...

Can you believe I found that little sassy tongue sticking moose? I've been waiting Oh so long to use it (lol) He's really saying , na, na, na I think.

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