"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wedding Pictures

Here are some of the early "returns" on digital wedding photos. I still have 35 mm film and a few more digital camera's to process ... but couldn't wait to share a few memories with you. The day was a dream come true for our daughter, and as parents we couldn't have been more happy with her choice in a husband.

Photo of young man in front of Christmas tree is our oldest son, Patrick. Youngest daughter, Ann, in the red dress; Groom and Bride; their wedding cake.


Pat said...

How lovely, how sweet!
The bride is so beautiful!
How wonderful the day must have been for all of you. I love the pictures ~ and her cake is so pretty!
Are they going to be living near by?
Can't wait to see more pictures, I almost feel like I was there!
congratulations to all!

Margie said...

everything was perfect! how beautiful! congratulations!!

Sara said...

so beautiful, so sweet!! congratulations and blessings all around!

Anonymous said...

what beautiful pictures! Looks like it was a lovely ceremony!

Michelle (big blueberry eyes)

jadasgigi said...

What a lovely wedding! The bride looks lovely and the pretty girl in red looks just like her momma. :) So happy for you all! It is so wonderful when you can heartily approve of their choices...Merry Christmas! and Happy Wedding :)
Thanks for sharing the pics!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac....Every bride is pretty but your daughter is one exceptional beauty!
Your new son is handsome too, not to mention how cute your son is. He is almost as nice looking as your little gift...ALMOST!!

Where is that Lady Birmingham? Surely she isn't STILL washing car?

I really like the frames that you have put around the pictures. It surely is the season for you to be happy, eh what with a lovely wedding and then Christmas and then Patrick's being baptised?

PS Ann is gorgeous too in her stunning red dress even though her name DOESN'T have an "e"...Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh, Terry ... the old Ann without the "e" ... was quite a debate when she was born. But being that it's her middle name, it looks nicer in print without the "e". Laura Ann -vs- Laura Anne ... see what I mean. But if it were her first name, you can bet I'd have added the "e" :)

Dawn said...

The wedding looks like it was a beautiful one..Beautiful bride, beautiful cake...flowers...all of it!
Congratulations on surviving a wedding in the midst of a busy holiday season.