"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Send Me To My Room ... Please!

Christmas day was pleasant enough; not too busy or fussy. Christmas Eve was a Sleepless in Idaho night ... along with Christmas night .... along with last night. My little Mr. Nathan was having some GI (intestinal) problems ... (no, he's not sick) ... some weeks are a little rough on his body ... and ... for some reason ... the nights seemed to be his choice time to complain (and rightly so). This meant dear old mommy had to get up more than her normal share of times to get up ... in turn making mommy dearest a bit over-taxed. I'm hoping and praying that tonight will be a good night for both of us. Dh made a comment today that when he's up here for good he'd take turns getting up with the little guy ... I corrected him and requested that he take the first year getting up at night as that's what I've had to do (he replied something about maybe wanting to go back to work right away ahem ... ).

I did get out for a bit today to check on the order for new interior doors, trim molding and stair rail parts ... along with interior wall finishes and colors schemes ... that was fun. The interior of our new home is taking on its character.

I've been lurking the past few days and it seems like most of you all had a blessed Christmas.

Good night ... sweet dreams (I'll try too!)


Pat said...

How precious that little thing called sleep can be!
Praying that Nathan and mom get a good nights sleep so the tired soul and body will be restored.

Mrs. Darling said...

Yep most men just cant comprehend the whole 24/7 thing us moms do! Sure hope you get more sleep tonight.

Jada's Gigi said...

I definitley thing hubby owes you a year at least! :) Hope tonight is better and can't wait to see how your new house shapes up!

Tammy and Parker said...

I hope Nathan is doing better! I totally get ya on that whole sleep thing. I keep telling Reed that I know when he is fake sleeping and sleeping for real. NOBODY could fake THAT snore of his. But I tend to do 99% of the checks when the good old pulse ox machine beeps.

And I would love any ideas you may have on getting Paker to take more solids.

Michelle said...

sorry to hear he was having a rough couple of nights! I agree with your comment back to hubby about taking the first year of getting up with him at night LOL

Terry said...

Not nice Mrs. Mac!!...NOT nice!!

You must know I HAVE been trying!!
I didn't even pick on you for that "Let it Snow" dig that you gave me but really my friend THIS is tooo.. much!!!

I even gave you a nice compliment on your "This New House" blog

Just TOO much I tell you..sniffle sniffle......love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Now, now, Miss Terry, the "sunshine" and "let it snow signs" were posted with love. ))))hugs & kisses ((((

Terry said...

Ha!! Well it might be the only snow we get this year!!
The "sunshine is ALWAYS welcome!!
We are getting longer days of light!