"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Party's Over

Ahhhh ... the company has departed, all but my oldest son; the house is quieter; my food bill is much smaller; my running around like crazy is done; daughter is living at her own apartment with her husband; just a nice quiet hush is over the house now (except for the raging wind and rain beating on my windowpane!) Time for a Calgon moment and a Guidepost magazine. I don't think I could read anything about Christmas decorations ... or recipe guides. No, just give me some short ... real life stories to read. Good night!


Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...I am so sorry I missed out on the festivities. Bernie has been working on this computer the last few days. He is emptying all of my email letters and saving them in folders and then putting them in an extra hard drive. The reason for this is because I am going to let him have this computer in exchange for a new one. We wouldn't of had to get another one if I hadn't of downloaded Windows Explorer 7 into this one. It has caused all kinds of trouble for me so I am just going ot keep regular explorer on my new computer. It is a lot easier to work with.

I was still up when I got your nice comment on my blog.

It saddened me in a way when you said everyone was gone.
Did you ever read LM Montgomery's books "The Story Girl" and "The Golden Road"?
Well the last lines of the second book just broke my heart when I read it, "The Story Girl was gone!" These were the very last words.
And that is how I feel for you a little about your daughter.
My mom had so many kids but she missed each one as they left the nest and I am thinking you must fell a bit like that now Mrs. Mac.

It is such good news that your son is going to be baptised. This must make you so happy and the Lord is happy too for your son's obedience!
I just pray that soon the war will be over and you have your son home with you for good. It is such a sad thing. All the tragic deaths on both sides of the battle!
Every week at the prayer meeting here the Christians are praying for the dear American troops and also for the president.

Well I will say good night for now Mrs. Mac.
Sorry to report to you that we still don't have any snow! Maybe we will have a green Christmas, eh?....Love Terry

Pat said...

This will be a year to remember! I think oldest sons baptisim is the best gift of all too. I didn't get baptized till I was an adult (don't know why since I was in church my entire life). My daughter and I did it together.
What's the latest projected time for the new house occupation? I'm dusting off my suitcase!

Anonymous said...

Ain't life grand?!?! :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Pat ... better start packing, because just after the New Year, you can start checking on airfare OK :) I'll post pics of your room and bath a bit later tonight. But you do have walls now, and a tub ... just need a rug, toilet and sink. Soon.

Pat said...

Let me know when the toilet is in, that's a must have!!

Maggie Ann said...

You've earned a sweet rest...I'm sure =).