"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Savoring The Last Bit

... of summer. 

Already the leaves on our maple trees are starting to be tinged with yellow and flame red.  Hints of cooler temperatures can be felt upon the daytime breeze ... and the nights .. well, they are getting chilly.  School starts once again the day after Labor Day ... and then I can begin my LONG rest.  It happens each year.  Look forward to spring (which bypassed us this year) ... then work like a dog all summer ... and slide right into the restful mode that autumn ushers in.  We are predicted to have a snowy winter this year.  Each season is a welcome change from the one that just passed.  We are still busy storing away food for the colder months ahead.  Our freezers are full and the storage pantry should be overflowing in the weeks to come.  The cycle will begin once again ... Life goes on.  Ebb and flow.  The cricket will have its swan song soon enough ... then the quiet peace will return as our little area settles in for a long winter's nap, once again devoid of summer's tourists.

Photo credit:  Carl Larsson, Apple Harvest


Sandy said...

I love the changes in the
seasons, each bringing its
own special flair. Autumn
remains my favorite though.
I think there's a certain
peace about this season that
the others lack. It causes
us to pause and refresh for
the winter ahead.
Praying your autumn is
especially peaceful and

Anonymous said...

A lovely post that gives a nice quiet comfortable feeling. Thank you, Mrs. Mac.

Saija said...

that is the same here in the prairies ... our little cottage community has been overflowing all summer - but as the leaves start to turn and the kids head for school, us locals reclaim our town ... and it is peaceful once more ...

blessings on your week ahead ...

Pat said...

A lovely post. I'm feeling the change of season in the air, and I welcome it. As much as I complain about winter, I like living in an area of four distinct seasons...maybe just a bit milder winter would help! LOL!

Constance said...

Can I just say for the record that I am a tad envious? We tend to skip fall down here, no pretty colors usually and we don't really get that chill in the air. Dave was listening to talk radio on his way home from work the other day and callers were complaining about Winter time and how they hate it when it gets down into the 40's or even worse, the 30's!! The majority were all saying how they prefer the heat. Dave and I couldn't believe it, they can keep these 100+ degree temps and we'll take that colder weather any day!

Amrita said...

Very nice new look of your blog Mrs Mac

Jada's Gigi said...

You do know how to enjoy your life! Rest comes soon!