"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, August 30, 2010

Off To The Fair

We talked Nathan in to going to the fair yesterday :)  Since he's been receiving 'intense' development therapy, it's been a little easier getting out and about with him.  The highlight was having him walk through the horse barn.  (OK ... I bribed him with a few pennies ... he's saving up 70 so he can 'purchase' an outing to the bowling alley.)

Aaah ... the sights and smells of the fair.  Fried food galore.  Even deep fried pickles.  I was not tempted to try one ... have you ever eaten a deep fried pickle?  Who thinks up food like this??????

My favorite part was walking through the quilt exhibit.  There were so many beauties displayed.  I'm working on finishing up a hand pieced quilt top that my(dearly departed) grandmother started.  There are enough complete squares to make a full size bed quilt.  She must have started the pieces in the 1960's from scraps of fabric she saved.   It will be so special to sleep under the cover knowing she hand stitched the pieces.  Her son, my dad, will enjoy using it when he returns for his annual visit next summer. (Mums the word mom if you read this post.)  Inside the quilt barn were some ladies spinning wool yarn.  Since I have been mastering so many new/old skills the past few years, I'm looking for something to work on this winter so just might take up spinning ... it looks so relaxing.

Did you get out to a fair this summer?  If so, what is your favorite part?  Rides, food, exhibits?


FlowerLady said...

Mrs. Mac ~ It looks like you all had a great time. I'm glad you were able to do that together.

That quilt you are working on is very special and I'm sure your Dad will enjoy sleeping under it.


Sandy said...

Some may not realize just what
a wonderful thing it was for
you and your family to be able
to go out to the fair, but I
do. :0) I am delighted that
you were all able to go and
enjoy yourselves together as
a family. That is our prayer,
to be able to go out together.
Looks like you had a good time
too. I love that big smile on
your sweet boy's face. He is adorable. Praying for more
good times in the future.

Maggie Ann said...

Your fair looks like a big one and fun! I am impressed that you are finishing your quilt top and such a special one! I hope you post a picture of it..and I remember to come see it. I have a chair in the attic...not in the best of shape, but still, one my grandmother used at her kitchen table. It doesn't mean anything to me in the sense that I have no memories of it. But, to my Mom, it was precious, she clearly remembered that chair, that her Mom sat in, at their kitchen table. If my house was bigger.....

Maria Stahl said...

Kind of a breakthrough, isn't this? :)

My favorite part of the fair is the 4-H lambs and pigs. They're so cute and friendly.

Pat said...

Looks like a good time was had by all, and Nathan has yet made another leap in life. Praise the Lord for His goodness!
I haven't been to a fair in a while, I like every part of it except maybe the tractor exhibit. I love the prize winning canning, quilts, etc. Also love the baby animals, but I have to say if it's too crowded or hot, it's not nearly as much fun to me. I become that crabby old person who isn't much fun to be around! LOL!

Amrita said...

Lovely outing Mrs Mac. Nathan looks so cute, he is enjoying himself

Kathryn said...

Looks like Nathan was enjoying himself.

I did the summer fair as a kid, but it was a 4-H fair, with exhibits of fruit & veggies, animals, & sewing. In Bozeman, the main fair was a winter fair in February! Go figure. We never had rides at either. I enjoyed all of the parts, loving the horses the best, i think. I only showed horses one season, if i remember.

A carnival would come thru in the summer. What was amazing to me was how many people got sick on those rides, got off, threw up, & got on the next one. What sense does that make? Weird.

Glad you had a good time. :)

Anonymous said...

No, and I have countryfairenvy! Nathan looks so cute and happy! I think a walk through the horse barn is worth at least few pennies. Good for both of you!


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Bribing is such a good idea. Nathan is a smart young fellow, getting a new horizon and a bowling date for free!

Love the quilt exhibit.

Constance said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Fried Pickles!! Here in Texas the State Fair is hosted in Dallas and it is a BIG deal! At the risk of tooting my own horn, I won a blue ribbon there for my Pumpkin Butter many years ago and the recipe is in that year's cookbook! Here's the winners from the Fried category from the last 5 years.
2005 Most Creative: Viva Las Vegas Fried Ice Cream
2005 Best Taste: Fried PB, Jelly and Banana Sandwich
2006 Most Creative: Fried Coke
2006 Best Taste: Fried Praline Perfection
2007 Most Creative: Deep Fried Latte
2007 Best Taste: Texas Fried Cookie Dough
2008 Most Creative: Fried Banana Split
2008 Best Taste: Chicken Fried Bacon
2009 Most Creative: Deep Fried Butter
2009 Best Taste: Fernie's Deep Fried Peaches & Cream

This years contenders, winner to be determined in the next couple of weeks.

Deep Fried S'mores Pop• Tart® - A chocolate, peanut butter, s'mores flavor Pop• Tart® is battered, deep fried and topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Deep Fried Frozen Margarita - Margarita ingredients are added to funnel cake batter, fried, dusted with a lemon/lime mixture and spritzed with south of the border flavor and served in a salt rimmed glass.

Fernie's Fried Club Salad – A spinach wrap, containing diced ham, chicken, shredded iceberg, carrot strips, cherry tomatoes, shredded sharp cheddar and smoked bacon, is deep fried, topped with deep-fried sour dough croutons on a stick and served on a bed of shredded romaine lettuce.

Fried Beer™ - Beer-filled pretzel pocket is deep fried.

Fried Chocolate - A white chocolate mini-candy bar and a cherry are stuffed into a brownie, dipped in chocolate cake batter, deep fried and topped with powdered sugar, cherry sauce and chocolate flavored whip cream.

Fried Lemonade - Lemon flavored pastry is first baked then fried and glazed with a mix of lemonade, powdered sugar and lemon zest.

Texas Fried Caviar - Black-eyed peas are fried and laced with special spices.

Texas Fried Frito Pie – Chili, sharp cheddar cheese and corn chips are battered and fried

There's your trivia for the day!

Mrs. Mac said...

Connie ... I think I just had a heart attack from reading your prize list :) I did hear about the deep fried beer in a pretzel this year.