"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, May 14, 2010

Homesteading ...

Now that winter is behind, and spring has arrived, my time has been spent in the GREAT outdoors ... working in the gardens, cleaning up the property, tending to the fruit trees, planting veggie seeds, pulling weeds.  The humming birds have returned and the feeders are up.  We've had quite a few song birds visiting and enjoying the sunflower seeds we put out for them.  They are so kind ... and in return for the free food, I occasionally will find sunflowers growing in odd places;)  

I do take  time to sit on the front porch rockers to soak in the scenery and rest my feet, but from now until winter I'll be busy tending the garden and stocking the pantry and freezers with veggies and canned goods to get us through another year.

I have yet to find the charger for my camera ... will have to borrow Mr. Macs to post some current pics soon.


Crown of Beauty said...

You are a very industrious woman, dear Mrs. Mac. I truly admire you, did I ever tell you that?

Love the warmth of your heart, your kind thoughts, your generosity with your time and ideas...

I have learned a lot from you.

Belated as this may be, I wish you a blessed Mother's Day. You are a God sent mother to your children and to your home.

May this year bring you closer to the heart of God. May He comfort you in all that concerns you. May He alone be your joy and your rest when the going gets rough.

May He be your peace for the things that have no answers in your heart.


FlowerLady said...

Bless your heart Mrs. Mac as you go about your planting, tending, harvesting and putting up of your bounty.

You are an inspiration.


Sandy said...

You are very well organized
and have obviously done a
wonderful job with the
care of your family and
home. You really are an
inspiration. :0)

Trish said...

My parents always had a huge garden. They did so much canning and freezing of vegetables, that they rarely bought them. Daddy even made his own ketchup, relishes, and hot sauce...and his saurkraut, was the best I ever tasted. I miss him...
I enjoy reading about your gardening and storing up for Winter. My family always did the same...wonderful memories.