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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things That Go Bump In The Night (revisited)

Mountain lions, bears, bobcats, moose, deer, raccoons, skunks and coyotes ... oh, my ... no lie!  The more I talk with neighbors coming out of winter hibernation, the more I don't want to venture out into the great outdoors after dark.  Some nights the dawg is climbing all over herself with fright and anxiety.  Critters here ... and there ... and everywhere. I keep  having to remind myself that this was their territory first.


FlowerLady said...

Oh my goodness, we have raccoons and opossums. You have some real scary critters where you are.

Have a nice day ~ FlowerLady

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs.Mac,
you have to keep that compost bin of yours closed tight.
I hear that bears are attracted to garbage cans.. Iijk, I doubt I'd dare to take a hike in your forests.
Honestly, do you have to carry a gun when you go for a walk, or what??

Pat said...

Oh my!!! I'm staying indoors when I come for the Scarf Sister reunion!

Mrs. Mac said...

No gun during the day, Felisol:) I have not seen the lion or bear .. but they have been sighted just across the street ... and I can 'feel' their presence by the hair standing up on the back of my neck the last time I took the dog out for a potty break during the night. I have no food scraps in the compost now .. just plant matter .. trash cans are inside the garage.

Don't worry Pat .. we won't be taking any night hikes;)

Constance said...

Good old COUNTER ASSAULT is what I am packing these days! I even have a holster for it! Ha Ha! The only thing am dealing with where I live is Armadillos (that's for you Deb and Brillo Man), a psychotic squirrel named NUTZ, a bunny who has been MIA for a week now hmmm....and the occasional possum. Looking forward to retirement when looking ourt my window wil afford me a multitude of delights, including perhaps a moose!

Word verification: chives

An honest to goodness real word! pass the sour cream!

Kathryn said...

We saw a bobcat recently, & a (scruffy looking ) coyote on the main road. I hear there are bear in the ravine across the street from us, but we've never seen them.

Keep safe! :)

Jada's Gigi said...

Yes, and it was you who wanted to be in their space...:)

Mrs. Mac said...

... and yes, Cheryl ... I LOVE being in their space :)

inadvertent farmer said...

We have cougar, bears, and a HUGE hear of elk that come through. Luckily for my the camel seems to keep them well away from the house. Guess the big pain in the arse is good for something!

Thanks for visiting and NO I did not pour the mouse oil on the popcorn...not sure I could live through such a thing, bleck! Kim