"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Five Minutes Of Freedom

Today Nathan played unsupervised for a whole five  minutes on the driveway.  Not such a big deal to most 14 year old boys, eh;) ... but this little guy has been known to take off.  He possesses an extra chromosome and has been a challenge to figure out most of his life.  Lack of his personal safety, awareness of his body in space, poor communication skills, and a myriad of other baggage has haunted him and our family for years on end.  He had this freedom because I was reading his mind.  Today is his bowling day with the family to celebrate his birthday.  I knew he only wanted to wait until the family was out the door.  Ann asked, "do you want Nathan outside unsupervised?"  ... yes, perhaps just this once ... after all ... it is HIS five minutes of freedom and my five minutes of being a normal mom ... we have strange ideas of normal in our family:)


Sandy said...

What you told me is so true.
We get stronger as we go through
these times in the trenches with
our special needs children.
Nathan looks like a boy with a
lot of life in him. Just adorable.
I'm sure Downs Syndrome is just as hard as autism in many ways. The
Lord will see us through; He
has kept us this far and He won't
desert us now. My prayers are
with you and yours.

TheRextras said...

A calculated risk. A gamble that paid-off. Incentive to take a chance again after assessing the odds.

Yes, Mrs. Mac. A winning game! Without taking those scary chances, how do you know when to press forward?


Constance said...

On Sat we drove up to Oklahoma City and visited with friends from our Life Group that had moved there last summer. CPS here in Texas turned over their 2 grandsons to them since the parents are negligent in caring for them. Sammy, almost 2 has DS.

Firsthand we saw how much extra work it is in raising a 2 and 3 year old energetic boys, hard enough at our age but having one with Special Needs, honestly, it is the Lord who is carrying them right now.

However, in the 3 months that the boys have been with them, they have done really really well! Cameron is potty trained, they're both off bottles and Sammy is very close to walking.

They have lost their "normal" as they knew it and are taking it day by day.

Pat said...

Five minutes can seem like an hour, especially when it comes to freedom.
I like the way Ann also steps up in Nathans care. Your kids are all special.

Trish said...

Such beauty in your honesty Cathy.
Reminds me of the birds we watch every spring...as they give their little one wings to come out of the nest and fly.

Tammy said...

Hey you! Let me know when you get that iPad and I'll hook you up with a free code for Voice4u. All you have to do is blog about it afterwards. You'll even be compensated for your time. :)

Tammy and Parker

Maggie Ann said...

Please tell Nathan Belated Happy Birthday from me. The world is richer because of him...I just know.