"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thankful For Not Much Snow

... this winter.  Now eager for spring to arrive to green up the landscape.  Without a cover of snow this winter, brown, dead, crunchy landscape has been the view from my windows for quite some time.  OK, I won't complain ... no snow to shovel off our roof ... no gutters to fix ... no snow piles that take until June to melt ... no waking up an hour early to blow the snow off the driveway.  With such a winter reprieve, I've grown fat and sassy;)  Sorry about sending the snow to the four corners of the globe ... but ... winter is what it is:  Fickle ... just like the Snow Queen!

Top photo: Mr. Mac and Jacob ... sledding on two inches of snow ... taken in December, 2009
Bottom photo:  Mrs. Mac's unplanted garden ... oh so brown


Anonymous said...

Hah! I JUST posted about snow!

I like snow when I visit it - not when it visits me!


Maggie Ann said...

Did you miss the snow? There are advantages as you said, to not having a lot of snow..yet. Its beautiful if a lot of work!

Constance said...

I have happily enjoyed every flake you sent down my way here in Texas!

Pat said...

I'm enjoying the sunshine much more then the snow! Being a Michigander, I'm not foolish enough to think that it still snow is out of the picture though..but I'm crossing my fingers!

Felisol said...

I am actually grateful for this white winter you sent me.
"God in his wisdom sent us white snow in the darkest months of the year", my mother always says.
She has a helpful neighbor to blow the snow away, I have Gunnar doing the same.
Now...the sun is up at 7.22 and down at 6.20, I thank the Lord for his white gift and wish it welcome next year.
I need to lay on bended knee and feel the soil between my hands again.
From Felisol

Jada's Gigi said...

Now you know what us Southerners have to look at all winter...ugh! a little dusitng of snow goes a long way toward beautiful!

Trish said...

I have every bit of snow this winter...gives this ol' gal peace.
But the sun is shining brightly, the birds are chirping and the Hosta's against the house, are about an inch or two high! Spring is on its way.