"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, December 07, 2009

... On Being A Keeper At Home

I have to confess, since we got rid of our cable TV, life has taken a much slower, less hectic pace! Either silence or beautiful Christmas music fills the air ... and the pitter patter of my grandson's little feet. Reading books, knitting, writing letters, baking and occasionally watching an old movie have been rediscovered. A friend and I get together once a week for prayer time as well. Then there's my weekly trip into town for perishable groceries. Exciting life, eh? But it suites me well. There's no place like home, aaaah!


Felisol said...

DEar Mrs. Mac,
How on earth did you manage this?
I find my self spending way to much time in front of that time waster.
I know for sure that Gunnar would never allow a TV free the house.
I fought a firm but victorious battle against when Serina lived at home. I had had cable TV before she was born, and knew what a load of thrash that was. The poor kid grew up with only 3 TV channels, but we bought tons of Disney films instead. (Videos)
That way we were in control, and her friends would always enjoy watching videos in our home instead of cable at home. Disney Channel wasn't available back then.

Then again, how I spend my time is actually my responsibility.
I'm an adult and I know where the off button is.
Must become more aware of the TV danger.

It's so nice that you and a friend come together for prayer.
That must be a blessing
Wher two and three are gathered...
From Felisol

Sara said...

hold the line mrs. mac! it seems the common bond of the sisters is our determination to not just keep but to make a home for our families. although we each express it a little differently, it is so good to visit one another and know that we are out there still cherishing a good meal, a christmas carol and the simplicity of a life not defined by technology.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I wish I had the courage to get rid of our t.v.! I know life would be more peaceful but there would also be some major withdrawl symptoms.

Mrs. Darling said...

We havent had cable TV for over a year now. I sorta miss it. You see, I dont watch TV. But...at the end of the day along about 10 pm I would plop down and watch something on the Discovery Channel or TLC to help wind me down. At that time Im often too tired to read and too tired to do anything else. I just want too veg a little. Now there's nothing of the slightest interest to me on regular TV so in that regard I miss it. Otherwise Im glad the kids dont have it!

Anonymous said...

I want to be like you when I grow-up.

Well, our tv-viewing is almost the same as yours - mostly videos. Haven't had cable since I came off bedrest when Younger Teen was born.

A prayer partner would be nice.


Louise said...

I too wish (I think) we could unplug the TV. My husband watches it in the evenings however and so.... not much chance of it being unplugged. I have been so convicted about it though that I do my best to busy myself with things other than television.

Pat said...

I can't honestly say I want to get rid of cable...there are programs I do enjoy. I do wish it were less expensive though.
I think I spend more time on the computer then watching TV.
A good balance in all things is important.

Jada's Gigi said...

I'm with Pat...lots i do enjoy on tv but certainly don't want to be a slave to it. We monitor what J watches and my hubby unwinds to sports and old movies...everyone has to have their on personal responsibility in these things. I also find the computer can be more of and enslavement than tv if I'm not careful...books too...I once felt convicted to give up books for about 10 yrs so I could get over the addiction. Ack!

Mrs. Mac said...

This post has more to with the negative influence of TV rather than addiction. Since we unplugged, Hollywood's blatent assault has been squelched.

Anonymous said...

An effect worth repeating, Mrs. Mac. I think people do not really understand how watching violence and murder affects them - even if the perps are brought to justice on the screen. How can so many people enjoy CSI?


Maggie Ann said...

Your home without cable tv sounds very tranquil. Silence is very nurturing sometimes, and the cd I was mentioning is so very enjoyable. =)~~I've been spinning a bit, in between recovering from my headcold and Christmas things.

Constance said...

One person's excitement can be another person's chaos!

We have never been much for watching TV, we like a couple of shows that we can DVR and then watch sans commercials! We have never had a TV in the bedroom and most people think that's odd but not us! My best friend has a TV in her kitchen and even though she's working and not sitting down to watch it, she enjoys the occasional tidbit of information she hears. Not me, too distracting! If I want "noise" I will put on music for company.

I used to have my cleaning customers tell me to turn on the TV if I wanted to and so on. I could NOT do my job properly and timely if I did that! I prefer silence and solitude when I am cleaning and now they never mention it!

My vice I have to monitor is the computer and I am getting better in some regards. Still, there's always room for improvement!

Amrita said...

Not too fond of cable. Some good movies, news and political talk shows, nature channels , little humor and cookery shows. I don 't like the soaps

Margie said...

sounds heavenly...

sanjeet said...

her friends would always enjoy watching videos in our home instead of cable at home. Disney Channel wasn't available back then.

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Jim said...

I think you are on the right track here, M&M. We never had cable in our lives until this year when they when digital. We watch about the same, maybe a little more because of football and house shopping.

I would gladly go back if we didn't need the boxes. That would mean new TVs and that wouldn't happen.