"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Minimizing Christmas Stress

This Christmas season I've baked, perhaps, one or two batches of cookies. We no longer feel the need to go overboard in the baking area. It's too easy to grab a cookie on the long way around to the kitchen ;) ... out in sight .. on the mind. Years past I would bake beautifully decorated cookies. Pack gift tins for each of my older children's teachers ... they were in Jr. and Sr. high so multiply 7x3 and that adds up to a lot of cookie tins. It would take a week to properly clean the kitchen floor from all of the spilled flour and ingredients. Hubby's motto .. Keep It Simple Sweetheart ... has become a way to survive the holy days ... and reflect on the simplicity of Christ's Mass.


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
You are so very right.
The old Norwegian tradition is 7 sorts of cookies pluss a heavy all chocolate cake, an almond tower cake and two kinds of flat bannocks.
Most of it became bird food.
I've made a quadruple portion of chocolate rice cakes. They are almost gone.
I've saved a box for my brother.
Serina's second cousin in Montana is also smart. She made a ten double portion of one cookie. Then met with other mothers to exchange cookies.In short; they have ten different sorts of Christmas cookies after one nights work, and a social get together added.
From felisol

Pat said...

I would love to bake oodles and schmoodles to give away, but I just don't have that kind of energy anymore. Life has become simpler, and the younger generation is taking up the slack...just the way it should be. Passing down a few special family recipes so they aren't forgotten is important to me, and enjoying the love of family and friends. No more crazy shopping and gift buying - draw a name and make that gift special. It provides much more peace and really enjoying Christmas as the celebration of Jesus birth..not dreading it because of something WE think we should be doing.
I think I'm just really getting old!

Saija said...

my aunt has given me 3 types of cookes and some christmas pulla ... i baked leo 2 pies today (french canadian sugar cream ones) - and i KNOW i have put on weight, just munching on things ... *sigh* ... i'm glad i've cut done on our baking, cause it seems i am the only one eating it!!! then when we get company - well i can tell them how good it tasted?????

i like your hubby's motto ... most excellent!

Amrita said...

I second you Cathy

Jim said...

Good deal here too, M&M. Mrs. Jim made ginger bread cookies. She took them to a cookie excange and brought back some of hers and a whole bunch of others.

She made me thirteen without nuts and there were a few exchange ones without nuts. My 'famously dreaded doctor' took me off nuts and corn last year.

Are you posting from the library? I knew it had been a long time since you'd peeked in on me.

That board is a 'whip' used for 'One Horse Open Sleigh.' Some people call it a clapper and that is correct too. It belongs to our church orchestra.
BTW, where do you put your bacon when your plate is full of syrup for the waffle?
Besides I didn't want to get my fingers sticky when I broke all the fat off as I don't eat that.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I haven't baked cookies yet this year and may not. We just don't need them. We usually make peanut butter bon-bons (also called "buckeyes") and will likely do that again this year but I want to wait until next week so they don't tempt me!

Trish said...

With age comes wisdom...I have cut way down on baking too. Don't need the stress, calories and cholesterol!
Jesus is the reason we celebrate...Mr. Mac is so right.

DarcyLee said...

As you know my daughters and I do one big baking night during the Christmas season. Other than that, we don't do anything else except for dessert on Christmas day. We also have the kids each pick a name for one gift to give, which helps to keep the cost of Christmas way down.
I hope your Christmas day is a blessed one.

prashant said...

ifferent sorts of Christmas cookies after one nights work, and a social get together added.

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