"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whatever Happened To ...

  • moral absolutes
  • generational families (grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren living in close proximity)
  • living within one's means
  • saving for a rainy day
  • being content with what you have
  • courtesy
  • intact families
  • yes meaning yes ... and no meaning no
  • work ethics
  • good role models
  • intact marriage vows
The demise of our nation:
  • spending more than you make
  • broken homes
  • fatherless children
  • drug abuse
  • child abuse
  • spousal abuse
  • lying, cheating
  • broken promises
  • borrowing, borrowing, borrowing
  • feeling entitled to handouts
  • big government
  • illegal immigration
  • keeping up with the Jones
Everything about us is bare and wide open to
the all-seeing eyes of our living God; nothing
can be hidden from him to whom we must
explain all that we have done.

Hebrews 4:13 TLB


Diane said...

As a former pastor used to say almost every Sunday, it's time we turn back to the old paths.....I thought he was soooo OLD FASHIONED way back then. Now, I realize more every day just how right he was!

God forgive us and help us to turn back to You and to the Old Paths!

Many hugs........


Pat said...

I'm sure it's no surprise to you, that we share the same heart on this.
Where are the stay at home Moms? Most sadly, they can't afford to stay at home. The other thing that bothers me so much is the filthy language. It's used by even the youngest child. I just returned from the market where a young man spoke so angrily and with such vile language over a bottle machine that wouldn't take oneof his bottles!
Lord hear our cry!

Terry said...

dear mrs mac..these are few and far between but if you look very hard they can be found.
i have met so many christians in the blog world who have intact marriages, faithfulness and discipline of the children and teaching the children the right way to go.
there are many who have written of the generations of their families.
connie is doing an excellent job with this in her new blog and it is a joy to read it.
i know in the world that the children, many of whom i bring to sunday school.. sisters and brothers having different sir names and they hardly know who their parents are, let alone their grandparents...so sad!
living within one's means
there are many that i have met here that seem very content with what they have and the only striving for more of is their striving for more godliness and more knowledge of the lord.
crown of beauty and vicki are such great examples of this!..and miss patty.
saving for a rainy day
oh i am very guilty of this indeed mrs. mac...i am very bad that if i have an extra bit of money, i am handing it out!..i know i should be saving it!!
courtesy is so important and a respect for the elderly....so so neglected now a days!
it is the elderly that built our countries up with their very hard labour but i think that the children have forgotten this.
when i see how pilot-mom and amrita looked after their moms and felisol and miss patty and diane still look after their moms and their dad, it just fills my heart with joy.
intact families
so many intact families here...mrs mac's, sara's trisha's.margie's, deb's, cheryl's, donna' and so many more...too many to mention!
yes meaning yes ... and no meaning no
i am old but i still have to listen to mom golden when she says yes or no and very rarely does bernie say no to me but when he does, i listen..ha!
work ethics
i think that a person should work just as hard at a minimum pay job as he does with a high pay.
after all a christian is working just like he was working for the lord!
good role models
i have met some very good role models and mrs. mac you are surely one and so is saija!
intact marriage vows
marriage is not a 50 50 pact it is 100 100!
and the lord is the head of the home.... with this how can a marriage go wrong?
such a good post mrs. mac!.......love terry

Margie said...

great post! PREACH IT!

Trish said...

What the world needs is Jesus...not
things and more things. And like Pat says the language is horrific...I am mortified when I hear it. Tomer and I try to screen all movies and the trash on t.v. ...garbage in...garbage out.
But, like Miss Terry said, I know a lot of good people who live the best that they can...giving to and doing the Lord's work.
Thought provoking post!

Maggie Ann said...

To turn one's heart and back to God is disaster. What in the world has happened to our nation? There was a huge statue of Buda? people were praying too....pictured in the newspaper. I was shocked.

Amrita said...

Amen to that