"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Memories


Margie said...

great pics! Thank your men for me!!

Terry said...

oh mrs mac....just to think that patrick is part of these heros!!
love terry

god bless america!

Trish said...

Mr. Mac kept his Air force uniform!!!
Tomer would not keep his...all I have are pictures and his medals!
Couldn't convince him otherwise!!!
Thank your Soldiers for me...I am surely grateful!

Constance said...

Look at that handsome Mister Mac there!

As a "history nerd" ( I wear that title proudly!) I have tried to expose my kids to appreciate the brave men and women who have served and ultimately sacrificed for us. Within the last 6 months I was so pleased when Charlie and one of his best friends started watching "Band of Brothers". When they finished they watched "Saving Private Ryan" (one of my top 5 movies). Our family has a long line of Military service here in America going all the way back to the Teague's who fought in the French & Indian Wars and then later in the American Revolution. Captain Elijah Teague was hung as a traitor to the crown!

God Bless America! (We certainly need it!)

Maggie Ann said...

Thank the Lord for faithful men!

Diane said...

Was Mr. Mack a Viet Nam vet? I know you are so proud of him as you should be. I am so thankful all the brave men and women who have worn, are wearing and will wear the uniform of our country. I asked about Viet Nam because my husband barely missed that war. Was high on the draft list when the draft was dismantled. He always felt a bit 'less' because he didn't have to serve. One of our favorite movies was "We Were Soldiers". Thanks for sharing!

Many hugs.........


Mrs. Mac said...

Diane, Mr. Mac had a high draft number and volunteered with the Air Force. His service began one week before the peace treaty was signed ... so, although he had many friends killed or in the Vietnam War, he didn't go to war. He was a military police officer. His longest duty station was off the coast of Okinawa on a tiny island called Ie Shima.