"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Something Is Screwy

I did not disable my comment section in my previous post ... but I'm too busy to copy and paste it to a new page. My day has been spent cleaning up (and I'm still not done) the yard ... tons of debris and dirt ... I was side tracked and started pulling weeds . Meet me in the garden ;)


Terry said...

Hmm...Mrs.Snow Queen...I think you had better give that toad a kiss!!
The prince is very angry because why are you getting such bad winds and rain and hail stones, eh?
..Love Terry

Pat said...

I thought maybe all that bad weather was messin' with your blog comments!
That was one bunch of rain...how's the garden doing now? We had some heavy rain last night and my first thought was about the garden!!
I meet you in your garden shortly and give you a hand...at least in spirit!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...I just now watched your video. I never realized it was there.
That IS sad about your flowers and I wouldn't of clowned around about it so much if I had of known!
Bernie and I just watched it again.
Hope the garden is all right, and
I hope that the weather is all right too for tomorrow!!...Love Terry

PS For sure and that Miss Patty would fix you all up if she came!

Poor Poor Dawg shivering in the dampness!!

Mrs. Mac said...

After cleaning ... using the blower ... raking ... pulling weeds ... I have had no problem sticking with my diet and not gaining any weight back.

Mr. Mac came home from his family reunion last night ... he was surprised this morning to see how the culvert at the end of our driveway had been damaged in the flash flood. The dawg (Miss Holly) was a trouper. She only shivered ... and didn't bark. Must be mellowing with age. Tomorrow night (the Fourth of July will be another night of terror for her ;)

Jada's Gigi said...

What a mess you must have...did it destroy your garden?

Saija said...

Yikes! that was some humdinger of a storm! glad it didn't turn into the real ugly type that takes a person's roof ... but still, you didn't need the extra exercise either, eh? ...

hope your 4th is blessed - and that the sun shines!

Frum Helen Back said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Regarding the horrible storm: Welcome to North Idaho. I think we've had every kind of weather but a hurricane. Plus we've had a firestorm, earthquake, and covered with ash from Mt. St. Helen's.

Anonymous said...

It's sorry about your beautiful flowers, Hope they come out nice again for you. When we lived in Oregon I seen it rain hard, but never as hard as its rained in Idaho. i haven't got much time but i had to stop in. Love Gramma_s