"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I love it when the weathermen don't predict the correct forecast (snicker). Today has been a rather soggy day ... much needed rain swept through our little corner of the world. Wet weather that was predicted to land a bit south of our area swept in with a gusto ... The way I look at it: free water for the lawn and garden. Upon getting up this morning, I said to the Mr. ... 'smells like rain' ... and not two minutes later we were shutting all of the open windows. This was just a tease for what came later. In the meantime, the last un-landscaped area of our front yard was scheduled to be hydro-seeded at 10AM. No watering the area until the next day is the general rule ... to let the 'glue' mixed with the grass seed time to dry. I'm pleased to see that it hasn't washed away yet. For the most part, in regard to building our new home, ... I can say: IT IS FINISHED (well almost;)!


Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...I love the rain actually except when there is so much lightening that we have to turn the computers off.
You are right though.
The water God sends down is free!
Not so city water, eh?
They are gradually getting water meters into each house in Welland.
Before we just paid a flat rate every three months.
You can tell who has the meter and who does not. Wherever you see a nice green lawn you just KNOW that they don't have a meter!
But more and more as each house is getting a meter, you see more and more brown lawns!
And more and more dirty cars!

Three cheers on the house almost being finished Mrs. Mac!

I wish that Miss Patty could go to see you and have a nice holiday and visit. She has been on my mind the last couple of months....Love Terry

Jada's Gigi said...

hooray on teh being finished! I didn't think you could hardly ever say that about a house. :) Your going to be one of those women who look good with gray hair, I believe. some girls have all the luck!

Maggie Ann said...

Your home & lawn looks beautiful! I know you've worked hard to make it this way...Its nice to see it done now and looking so great.