"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Last Few Days of Goofing Off

Hubby is supposed to arrive home in three more days (Friday). That means I have only three (make that 2 and a half) days before I have to get accustomed to living with him full time once again ;) ... Tsk, tsk ... it's been a long two years ... only seeing each other every few months ... how will I ever adjust ... can I cope??? Right now I'm sporting four shades of hair ... that's right FOUR colors: There are silvery streaks in my bangs ... salt and pepper on the crown area and natural brown near the neckline. Then I have the outgrowth of brown with coppery auburn highlights waiting to grow just a wee bit longer to cut off. I'm a mess ... no really, I am. He may take one look at me and want to run back to his mother's home ... that's where's he's been living the past two years. Pity the poor person just dropping by my blog without having any prior acquaintance ;) ...

Now to the weather report: According to the weatherman, it's supposed to be in the 80's by Saturday. We'll, I'll just believe that when Saturday rolls around. So far this year, we've only had two days in the 70's ... April and now the beginning of May have been on the chilly side. After nurturing my seedlings indoors for weeks, I finally set them outside last week ... and yep, they got frost nip. Just a few will pull through. Why, oh why, did I set them out and forget to bring them in at night? I'm going to head over to Walmart and buy some tomato plants as mine are toast.

This week I sanded the top railing of our front porch and re-varnished it. The hanging planters are just waiting for some flowers (but I'm going to wait a few days) ... my bird feeders are in business ... I even spotted a humming bird last week ... but he hasn't been back. Maybe next week, eh. I think the one I saw was a 'scout' ... just checking out the dining fare before settling in for the summer.

Enough of this nonsense ... I have housework to do.

Image: similar style of a new hat I'm sporting to cover my mop :)


Maggie Ann said...

Isn't it fun to grow your own seedlings? I did it one year, and oh boy the rewards were great. I grew geraniums and johnny jump-ups and ornamental grass and I can't remember what else.***Your husband will love you just the way you are. I'm positive! smile. I sure admire you for all your accomplishments. You dig right in and get things done. Well, I'd better get ready for bed. I've got a headcold that is showing no signs of letting up. And yes, some pictures of your cards would be so nice to see..smile. In fact, I'd love too see them!

Amrita said...

Oh I am so delighted to hear all this.

in my country we have a lot of folk songs women sing when their hubbies return home after a long time. One or two are ringing in my ears.

Get your hair fixed honey and indulge in a lot more "nonsense" LOL.

You 've been such a faithful wife and loving Mom.

Constance said...

A couple of weeks ago at our Life Group, one of the wives was talkin about her hair and how she needed to do something to it. I just casually said,
"It takes a lot of hard work being a trophy wife!"

I thought our husbands were going to roll on the floor, they were laughing so hard!

To which I said,

"Well, it does!"

From one trophy to another, enjoy your Hub and retirement!

Pat said...

I need one of those hats. Maybe we can start a trend if we all wear something like that. We'll say it started in Hollywood.
I have a feeling that in Mr. Mac's eyes, you're beautiful no matter what your hair looks like.
Don't you just love to watch those little humming birds? We have quite a few at the cottage - they are amazing to me.
I want to thank you for the craving I now have for sour dough bread, which for me also requires lots of butter. I'm so weak.

gramma_s said...

I can't wait to se a picture of the "new" you. I'm sure you'll be just as pretty as you were before. and hubby will probably think your prettier. Get prepared because Pop has been home for 24 years and I still don't what to with him (that don't count the times I don't know what to do without him) :-) Last year when I thoght I had driven him to spend more time in town, I kinda felt guilty and then he would come home and show me all the things he bought at the Dollar Store, At that point I could have sent him back to town.
I see Maggie has commented on your cards. I want to see them, too!

Jada's Gigi said...

the hat's a no go honey..:) but this will be like a second honeymoon for you two lovebirds...well if you lose the hat that is...LOL
Seriously...you're gonna get used to him all over again real fast...and love it! enjoy!...Oh yeah, on the 2yr deal...way to carry out a plan!!

Jim said...

I'm sure glad you told us at the end it was the new hat.
When I saw the hair coming out from beneath I said to myself, "Self, Mrs. Mac has dyed her hair again. It makes her look so much younger!"

Enjoy your renewed life with Hubby. I presume your painting and other types of around-the-house work are over. [If I counted correctly, he has arrived now!]