"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, May 02, 2008

Homeward Bound

Ok ... I just can't seem to find the will to come out of the beautiful sunshine to blog. Winter blahs are hard to shake off and need fresh outdoor air to get rid of. My yard has been raked, new trees and bushes have been planted ... flower boxes are just waiting a bit longer for frost free nights until they get adorned.

Mr. Mac's last work day is May 10th. The first few days of next week will be spent in the administration office or working the front desk ... he's keeping a low profile and using up some 'sick' time ;) Wednesday is his going away roast/luncheon (would I love to be there ... but it's not going to happen) ... Thursday & Friday he's off to the Peace Officer's Memorial ... Saturday (last work day) he may show up in blue jeans and a T-shirt sporting two guys and two dogs sitting in the front of an old beat up pick-up truck with the caption "Double Dating" ... Sunday is Mother's Day ... which he'll spend with his mom and family ... Monday (5/12) is a send off with some of his 'utes' from his childhood ... Tuesday 5/13 he's off on the final trek making a stop at my folks and a to visit a friend in Oregon. On 5/16 (LORD WILLING) he will pull up in the driveway at our home with the comforting thought that he doesn't have to leave in two weeks. By then I'll have my honey do list completed for his first day back ... and will add to it incrementally :)


Amrita said...

Yayyy!the 16th will arrive very soon!

Louise said...

You sound so excited that your husband is coming home ... and won't have to leave again. May these be the best of times.

Sara said...

but who's counting? glad to hear all your hard work is going to finally come full circle.

Jada's Gigi said...

Can you believe its finally here?!?! Hooray for all of you!

Constance said...

I am SO eager for the day that Dave gets to retire! We talk about it a lot and all of the plans, Lord willing, we have! What an exciting chapter is starting in your lives. I know you will make the most of it. Now get back outside and enjoy the weather! That's an order, ; )

Pat said...

Now the official countdown begins! I hope you glide right past the adjustment period and enjoy every minute of retirement together! Of course, as busy as you are, he may have to make an appointment to be with you!!!

Jim said...

That is good news, MM!

Do you need us to help you witht he list?

Be sure to send him off on some errands, you will need to get used to him around ALL THE TIME! He is going to change your lifestyle for sure when he is there all the time.

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I've been rereading your "This New House" blog from June 14th 2006.
What a tremendous piece of work you have laid down in the new future of your family.
Two years of intensive planning and replanning with a spectacular result.
I bet your hubby is both thankful and so very looking forward to be sharing it all with you.

Ever thought of making a "This New House" book? You have the skills and the touch of a professional.
Just an idea, now that your many projects are finished.

I so admire how wonderful your house is situated on your site, with those wonderful pines in the background.

Next week we'll have to have a conflict meeting with one neighbor about 5 pines that he will command us remove.
I love those trees, so does the birds and plants thriving in their shadow.

I do hope it will all end peacefully.
Like I wish you a thriving May with your family, animals and plants.
From Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

Felisol ... I'm not sure about a book deal ... but an ordeal is more like it ;) ... glad that most of the hard work is way behind me. Still can't believe a little casual mention to my hubby several years ago about moving led to such a different direction and one which is nearly complete. It will probably take us a good five years to get our property cleaned up .. as we have a lot of 'wood' debris and fallen logs and tree stumps to take care of. Last December we had a lot of the underbrush cleared away by a crew for fire prevention purposes and now a wonderful new array of wild flowers is emerging with the sunlight that now reaches them. All in God's timing is my motto ... and to take the time to get a natural feel for the gardens. Thanks for your kind comments everyone.

Maggie Ann said...

You are a four star wife...I'm in awe!