"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, August 03, 2007

Summer Vacation At Home (part 2)

More pictures of our adventures at home and and around town.

Photos:Stopping by the "Snake Pit" for lunch; my oldest children and my folks @ TGIF's; grandson fabulous Jake (age 4 months); Nathan off to camp; Patrick BBQing; Mom and Pop goofing off.


Jim said...

Hi Mrs. Mac. Someone just sneaked over from your blog so I thought I'd check to see how your son's visit went.
The pictures look like he enjoyed that time. Too bad DH wasn't there to enjoy those things.
If you get the Lockhorns in your funnies, checkout last Wednesday's.
Loretta is telling how LeRoy (asleep in his recliner) thinks if he takes out the garbage he has done major housekeeping chores ["cleaned the whole house"].

Just paste that in unless it 'clicks' for you.

Pat said...

Now you're at a Bar called the "Snake Pit" and taking silly pictures of your parents....what's a girl to think? ;)
I have to say all the men in this post are very good looking - you even put first son to work on the BBQ! Way to go!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Pat, taking my folks to the "Snake Pit" gave them something to write about on all the post cards they're sending out (lol).

Sara said...

that's it! next year i'm vacationing at your house!

Saija said...

glad you guys are having such a great time!!! blessings on you as you enjoy your first summer in your beautiful new home ...

Anonymous said...

As a photographer I've been told that the prettiest pictures are within a mile from your own home. Often times you finds the most enjoyment and relaxing vacations around home. These days I'm finding my vacations IN my home, for now the DR. says I'm to do pretty much what I want and not wear myself out. Which means I vacation between the Scrap Book Store and my craft room. :-) Today I am scheduled for an EMG (muscle testing) Althoug I don't look forward to being a pin cushion, I'm sure my God will carry me through. Love, gramma_s