"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Biting My Tongue - Jeopardy Style


What is ...
  1. a courtesy flush
  2. thinking like a dog
  3. asking for help when reading directions on foreign made, self assembly items
  4. remaining calm
  5. patience, patience, patience
Question: Things I wish I had the nerve to say to hubby (OK, a few of these items I've already nagged about several times).

Seen on a country church's marque today:

Exercise regularly ... Walk with the Lord


Jim said...

You are a busy lady, I just left your blog. When I came back you had a new post!

That bag drop is across the street from the golf bag drop place for people who rent a golf cart. The attendants come out to get the clubs and bring a cart up with the clubs to the other parking lot.
Adi just obeys without question or hesitation, she knows to pose when I am taking her picture. She is a good dog.

I did the Google thing, it had changed a little. But when I added 'deer poop' to the search it came up with this:

"Whatever Happened To...Take time to smell the roses today ... stop eating deer poop" ... Something's Screwy. April (10) Sunday Dinner At Grandma's. Excuse My Absence . ...
scentedgeranium.blogspot.com/ - 103k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this"

You told it like it was, that's for sure! I should not have questioned the veracity of your post, I really am sorry for acting like I did. (Next time I'll go check before I say anything!)(Do you think I could learn from your "Things ... to say ..." list?)

Mrs. Mac said...

Jim, most men could learn from my list ;)

Mrs. Darling said...

Well now that pic says it all! LOl

Pat said...

I love your fancy new blog - changed the pink for some Fall tones!
This is a good one - I doubt it would do any good to say them even if we did have the nerve!

Saija said...

aww to be a wife ...

every man should try it for 24 hours ... :o)

i guess that is how the Lord polishes us into diamonds - especially when we rub each other the wrong way!

blessings on you!

Sara said...

mrs mac, i think you might have ordered the second of the series of books; which i also would love to read. the version i have is reflections of families, houses and homelands. does yours match the one on the link?

Sara said...

the link is on my post; check it out. maybe it's the same book? if not, i'll get yours too!