"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Dog Daze of Summer

  1. summer camp
  2. pick up hubby from airport on 8/16
  3. mow lawn
  4. pick veggies and fruit at farm
  5. buy a freezer
  6. order a quarter of beef or buffalo for freezer
  7. whack weeds
  8. buy school clothes
  9. keep up with daily chores
  10. put up window shades
  11. fertilize the lawn
  12. train dog with new doggy fence
  13. laundry, laundry, and more laundry
  14. put up some jam
  15. wash truck

And you wonder where I've been?


Jada's Gigi said...

Nope I'm not wondering...I'm right there with ya sistah...
a woman's work is Never done!

Pat said...

Makes me actually long for summer to be over and fall to arrive. Notice I didn't say winter! summer is great, but it's work, work and more work. what are you going to do when Hubby moves in and takes over all your chores? Come visit me...and bring some jam.
I'd skip #15, isn't there any rain in your forcast?

Mrs. Mac said...

Pat ... I'll settle for fall too. Can't wait to start cooking some cool weather recipes and update my cooking blog, and house blog, etc. I'll post pictures of 'your room' when I get up the blinds and a few more decorations. I wish we were expecting rain ... it's very dry here.

Constance said...

If I wait for cooler weather here in Texas, we're talking January at least! I just pretend that September is like everyone else's Fall and start decorating as if it were! I still remember taking my grand-daughter jacey to the pumpkin p[atch 2 years ago and it was 90 degrees out! And that was October for Petey's sake! You've been a busy gal, I say you deserve not only a hammock but an iced tea, a good book and some quality me time!

Jim said...

Hi Mrs. Mac -- You have been pretty quiet lately? Are you ok?

I take it that your list is by priority (just in case you don't get everything done!) but I could find you some more items if you run short.

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes, Jim, I'm OK ... but thanks for asking ;) Hubby is home for two weeks and we have lots to catch up on. His honey do list is two miles long. Besides, I thought you are out of town until September? Maybe I should put up an Out To Lunch sign, eh?

Terry said...

Hey Mrs. Mac!
What is Adi doing over at your place??
Is she staying in Miss Patty's room?
Are you letting her cool her heels in my big tub?
I suppose the "dawg" and her are getting re-acquainted, eh?
Well here I thought that Jim was my friend and here he goes letting Adi visit the winter lady instead of the hot Southern Ontario lady..
See if I do anymore babsitting for Amber and see, if I DO have to babysit. see if I let Amber watch "Deal or no Deal'!!

love Terry