"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Preoccupied/Hot Flashs/Calgon Moment Needed

The post title explains my absence. I've been a damsel in distress but not willing to put up a white flag to surrender (not me). Of course two nights ago I had such bad heartburn I thought for a moment it was a heart attack; but two tums and an hour later, I was just fine. The very last item to tote over to the new home will be my bubble bath ... I just can't afford to misplace it for even a night. Leave me a kind note of encouragement to hang in there ... and I'll be back to posting after the move and the dust settles.

Photos: Guest room complete with doors and carpet, one of two stairways, master bathtub (needs to be repositioned and have the plumbing installed). More photos at "This New House" ... go ahead and visit ... just to the right in the sidebar


Maggie Ann said...

Hang in there, you are doing a great job! Everything looks so beautiful and new..=). Glad your heartburn went away. Our bodies let us know when they've had it for awhile...mine anyway. Oh, what a beautiful home you're making. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Terry said...

Everything is going to be Ok Mrs. Mac!

I just love how bright your house is!! All those nice windows and even your hall way is well lit up.

What this house needs now is the people!
I mean it will be nice when there is furniture of course but the PEOPLE!!Can you just imagine that little Gift running from room to room with his buddy the "Dawg" and looking out all of those windows!

The guest room of course is waiting for Lady Patty!!

Boy!.. that is some bath tub. I think it is even big enough to fit my 5 foot 9...what say Mrs. Mac?

We are all so excited for you just like we were when Saija and Leo moved into their new house.

So like Maggie-ann[without the "e"] told you Mrs. Gramma in Waiting" and Mrs. "New House in Waiting" Hang in there!!

God's blessings....Love Terry

jel said...

heared a little bird, say you needed some sunshine, So here I is! :)

just kidding, but I do hope you have a blessings of a day!


Pat said...

Enjoy your time "re-connecting" with hubby - and breathing in all the blessings the Lord has provided. The house looks like a dream come true. :)

Jada's Gigi said...

I can't believe its move in time already!!! It has all come together so beautifully. Love all the pics...can't wait to see some with all your stuff inside.:) Hubby finally around to help, eh? Now you'll all get to have some quality family time... after the PODS container is gone, of course...:)
That tub looks like a perfect match for some Calgon...

gramma_s said...

Praying that God will give you strength, nice weather, lots of help and cooperation. It would be so much fun to move into a new house that Pop and I had designed.

Your house is beautiful, I can't wait till you have pictures of it after you move in. Looks like your house has lots of room for people and lots of room for love.

The weather calendar says in 1953 both Hayden lake and Coeur d'Alene broke a record with temps of 69 degrees. Let's hope it breaks a record this time, just for you.

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

You've really moved quickly, though I'm sure it doesn't seem like it.

I love that tub! We have two clawfoots (clawfeet?) but they're old, not as nice condition as that one.

Word Verification Word of the Day: myvvphoi. Very pronouncable.

Michelle said...

looks like it's a beautiful house from those pictures!

Margie said...

how beautiful, I can't wait to visit and hit that tub!

Mrs. Darling said...

Love the tub!