"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, March 02, 2007

Gearing Up For The Frenzy

Next Friday we should get the keys to our new home. It will be almost exactly 18 months since we first bought our land, designed our home, and waited patiently for all the plans to come together. Needless to say, the coming days will bring on a frenzy of activity (even more than that of our daughter's wedding last year). So much to remember ... transferring and cancelling utility services, changing schools (for Nathan) and an array of mind boggling STUFF TO DO! I have yet to start packing up our rental home ... and sooooo need to reserve a U-Haul truck. Still praying that our driveway will be snow and ice free so our PODS storage units can be delivered. Guess I'd better start making a To Do List! Please help me remember what I'm forgetting!


Pat said...

I haven't moved in 30 years, I would hardly know where to begin.
Praying for an ice-free drive way and sunny skies!
Is my room ready yet?

Terry said...

We will pray for a nice sunny day too Miss Pat and no wind , Mrs. Mac..

Please don't forget the Dawg!!

Yea by all means get the internet up right away!!
It was bad enough that we haven't heard from you for a few days1!

I am very surprised that Miss Pat didn't tell you to get her room all aired out and her bed all set up and made!!.......Love Terry

Pat said...

Miss Terry -
Check Mrs. Mac New House post - I'm just about ready to pack my bags!

Julie said...

Hi Mrs. Mac,

I'm enjoying reading your blog...I found you through Terry (Canadian Blogger). Hope all goes well with your move next week...how excited you must be!

Pack a "special" box with everything you will need right away...a phone book in case you need to make an important call or use the yellow pages, toilet paper, a phone (or I guess if you have a cell phone that won't really matter), any medications anyone might need - even Advil!...basically pack the box with the essentials that you will need, because it may take awhile to find everything.

Good luck with the packing...don't do what I do...at the last minute I just pack things anywhere they will fit and it makes it hard to know where to put the box when it is full of items from every room in the house!

I've moved many times, so I'm getting a little better each time! I use every towel and dishtowel to wrap up the breakables...much nicer than using newspaper!

Hope all goes well...just remember that you'll be moving into your brand new house so it makes all the effort worthwhile! :D

Jada's Gigi said...

praying for nice weather...moving is always a mess but bad weather makes it a nightmare! We want you to have FUN! i hope you are planning on plenty of help...that's my secret to an easy move...

gramma_s said...

Hhhmmmmm, why do I keep coming here every day to see what progress has been made. Afterall you're the one getting the new house,not me, but I'm very excited about your new house, You've done a great job at making your excitment like a virus, And I think I have caught it. I'm sure you don't have time to read chronicles from me, so get busy and go pack. Praying for nice weather while you're moving..

Maggie Ann said...

How exciting...the day has finally come for you to move into that gorgeous new home. It sounds like it will be one busy and exhausting time but after you get settled, you'll probably think you're in heaven. Love it for you..=) You've been amazing handling all that you have in the building of your home. I admire you for that. I could never!!!! I can't imagine how excited Nathan is!

Saija said...

i'm excited for you! :o) ... once upon a time, we too built a house ... and i remember how excited we were to move into it! only back then, we moved in early, so that we could finish it up ourselves (no running water or electricity and the walls were all pink insulation! - awww, to be that young again - *grin*) ... you're job is all the larger in scale 'cause you have a family to take care of at the same time and those lists - yes, i remember those lists for these last 2 moves!!! but you are such a capable woman, things will work out beautifully because God is in you and will work through you! take time to enjoy the excitement too ... blessings!

Margie said...

wooo hooo!!!