"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm Here!

Just popped over to the library to use the computer; first time in nearly two weeks. We have just one phone line installed (temp.) ... no TV, and no Internet service. I must admit, it is rather nice not having all of the distractions of the modern world ... but I SO DO MISS ALL OF YOU! I'm still checking about the satellite Internet setup ... even if it costs more, it would be worth it. Elizabeth is due to have baby Jacob in seven more days! DH just got dropped off at the airport today, and Nathan is away for nearly 8 hrs a day at school (including the bus rides). Maybe next week I can be a lady of leisure for a bit. Well, I've got to run home and take a quick nap before the little fellow comes home from school.


Mrs. Darling said...

Its o lovely to see you around again! I positivly cannot imagine having all that time to myself. I know you'll stay plenty buys though!! There must be a ton of stuff to do around there. Hurry up and get back online! Post pics of the house now that you're moved in!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...I am so glad that Miss Patty got us all together to pay your phonebill!!!
Ha!!!..Love Terry

gramma_s said...

O, how delightful to see your smiling face again, I've missed you dreadfully. It was so sweet of you to visit me when you didn't have much time. I would love to come and help you, but alas, well you know how it goes. I can't wait to see your new house with you all moved in. God bless you and all af yours.

Pat said...

Hey...don't leave, we miss you!
Seems like forever that we haven't heard from you. Thanks for stopping by in your busy schedule. Can't wait till you get settled and can post some pictures, new house, new grandson!
Happy Birthday Nathan!!
I think you need to go to the library more often.

Saija said...

glad to see you ... *grin* ... sounds like you survived the move ... hope you are enjoying your new digs!

Maggie Ann said...

Its so nice to have a post from you! Glad you are doing ok and how exciting that your grandbaby is almost here. What a joyful time that will be. Blessings to you!

Jim said...

Hi Mrs. Mac -- I didn't realize you had blogs, I will return. I thought you were just anonymous on Terry's blog. Sorry about that.

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Great to hear the news. :o) I have been thinking of you.

Today's Word Verification was obviously taken from Entish: mhmnuw. LOL

Jada's Gigi said...

so nice to see you coming around again! does the hubs still have to go to work?? I thought he was retiring!..well you'll have that new baby to keep you even busier soon. We can't wait to see pics and get you hooked back up to technology so we can stay in touch.

SiouxSue said...

Good luck finding an adequate internet provider. Yup, sometimes it's nice to have fewer modern conveniences...that's why we take off with the trailer for weeks at a time. Hope your move is wonderful for you and your family.

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

One more day on the Count Down to Grandmahood. We are waiting with bated breath!

Terry said...

Oh Boy!! One more day northeast iowa mom!!
We are waiting on the sidelines for the good news!! Three cheers for Jacob.
Four cheers for the "uncle in waiting", NATHAN!!
Ha!!! Five cheers for our Mrs. Mac...the "Gramma in waiting"
Aw shucks! ONE cheer for Miss Patty "the guestroomer in waiting"......Love Terry

Jim said...

Hi Mrs. Mac. Just another hello for you. It is waiting for you to get to the library again. Or at a neighbor's where you can peek on-line for a bit.
The baby might be here now [3-27-2007]?
Cheers! Jim

Pat said...

I'm trusting and praying that all is well. We miss you and can't wait to hear the news on the new home and new grandson! Isn't tomorrow (3-29-07) his expected birthday?

Terry said...

Mrs. Mac keeps saying she is "here" Miss Patty but she isn't! She is "THERE"!!!

Pat said...

I agree with Terry...just where is "here"? because it certainly isn't here!

Terry said...

Good morning Miss Patty... Ha!
You are SO good at the one liners!!
You MUST be related to Abbot and Costello![Who's on first??]
You could almost quit your day job and become a comedian!!

Have a good day and hope you are feeling fine now!
We will ALL be feeling fine when we hear from our Mrs [is she gramma yet?] Mac. ...Love Terry

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

I bet that baby came right on time and Mrs. Mac is in Gramma Heaven about now.

At least I hope so. :)

Today's Verification word sounds like some kind of add-on to one's operating system: XPvry.

Margie said...

we want pictures if that new baby is here!!

Pat said...

We want pictures - and some kind of contact even if the baby is taking his time arriving!!
Miss Terry-
I LOVE who's on first!!

Terry said...

Yea , I do too Miss Patty...You know All those jokes in the olden days were so clean and yet so funny!!

Even if that Jacob babe has made his entrance, Iowa mom and our Mrs. Mac IS on cloud nine, she should at least THINK of us snd come down from that cloud and TELL us and she better blang well thank us for holding her blog together!!!...Love Terry