"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, November 20, 2006

No More Whining!

In the mid 1980's I accepted Christ as my personal savior. Being raised in the Church I was taught more about a religion ... than a relationship with the Living God. As a new believer, I was certain God would just bend to the whims of my prayer life ... NOT. I remember praying that God would give me perfect vision so I wouldn't have to wear contact lenses any longer. Dh and I were renting a small three bedroom, one bath home that had been built in 1933. As typical of that era, we had one very small bathroom with one light bulb over our one sink. Originally there was just one bath tub ... but during a remodel, someone tiled up the walls and installed the plumbing for a shower. Only problem was a rather low window that had to be covered with a plastic curtain to keep it from getting wet. One stormy night after a Wednesday night Bible study, I was getting ready for bed. Standing in the dinky little bathroom, I began complaining to God about my vision and asking why He would not just make my vision clear. All of the sudden a bolt of lightening struck the telephone pole in the rear yard. Attached to this pole was the electric line to our house ... that also ran through a tree just outside the bathroom window ... the line was attached to the house eve just above the said window ... Now being that it was a windy, rainy, stormy night ... and that I had just been complaining to God about my slight annoyance with my vision, this lightening traveled from the pole, through the line, through the tree and straight to the house at the exact moment of my complaining. (edit: Seems I also remember a "voice" saying, "How would you like to be blind." Probably the Lord's way of getting my attention, ya think?) From the now pitch black house, I could see the "live" wire dangling just outside the window. Talk about a wake up call ... I began to tremble that God would use His might to scare the wits out of me. Dh was sleeping so I crawled with fear and tremble through the hallway ... through the living room ... and to the telephone. Back then there was no 911 to call. I certainly couldn't see a thing ... so I dialed "O" and got the operator. Bawling, sniffling, and shaking like a scared animal, I could just barely compose my words to ask for help. She kept telling me to calm down ... all the while, I was sure God was telling me not to complain about my vision and to be happy with what He'd given to me. From that day forward, I have never complained about what I don't have ... but learned to be content with exactly what God provides. I do believe it was that one event that turned me into an optimist for life and always looking for the bright side to every situation.


Margie said...

great post!! I try to do that too!

Phil said...

Great post! I try to be optimistic and positive because I don't want my kids to be cynical about life. I'm constantly reminding myself to be appreciate of all that I have, even when I think I don't have enough of something... It's just too easy to fall into that trap and lose sight of what's right in front of you.

dawnaj1958 said...

Haha! We just talked in Sunday School about how the teacher used to ask God to move his doghouse to show He was there. We were all young Christians once....but God still saw your potential. Now there's something to sing about!!

Terry said...

Oh Boy! That must of been so scary Mrs.Mac!
By the way you told the story, it seems that it is still crystal clear in your mind!

Even if you don't have perfect vision, you sure do know how to encourage people!
Didn't the apostle Paul have bad vision too?
I think I saw that in the bible one time.

Well take care and don't get too tired.
You have to be really rested up for that up coming wedding!!...Love Terry

Jada's Gigi said...

Too funny! He does know how to get our attention doenst He? lol

Birmingham Girl said...

WOW - be careful what we whine about!! So, how's your vision today?
I've always wished I had better vision, I can't see a thing without my glasses...guess I should be happy they make glasses and contact lenses!!

Maggie Ann said...

Thats a powerful testimony Mrs.Mac. I'd have been scared out of my shoes too!

Sara said...

i want better vision too! just think how great heaven's gonna look! twas blind but now i see!

Mrs. Darling said...

Just dropping by to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!