"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Boy's Day Out

Being the parent of a special needs child has me constantly trying to think ahead about the future scene and what life will be like for my youngest son once dear hubby or I'm not here to care for him. Our daughters and oldest son are very tender hearted towards Nathan, so through the years I've prayed that God would bless them with spouses that would have the same tenderness for their little brother. My very soon to be son-in-law shows such tenderness in his actions towards Nathan. Today the two have a lunch date and then a trip to the movie rental store. Nathan made sure he said, "mama stay here" ... not wanting me to be a third wheel I guess. Do I feel blessed or what? Thank you Lord for remembering prayers from long ago, AMEN!


Deb said...

Delight yourself also in the LORD,And He shall give you the desires of your heart. --Psalm 37:4

He is faithful to His Word!!

What a beautiful family you have!
(and no...nothing to report here on any future offspring! I'm 46--too old for another one!)

Margie said...

I really like that kid!!

Maggie Ann said...

Wonderful pictures!!...Nathan's costume is nice..looks authentic, I'll bet he loved that...=). I enjoyed your post...and do you collect silverware?...there are some exquisite patterns out there. Your collection must be very special. At Christmas time last year I bought some jelly? spoons that are very detailed and special.

Anonymous said...

Awww.. lovely pics!

Every blessing
Maria in the UK

Live, Love, Laugh said...

that is so sweet, I especially am blessed when I see a young man who is not only doing something with his life, but also has a tender heart.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Mac:

Found your blog(s) through a comment on Terry's (Canadian Blogger) site. She is a regular commenter on my blogs and has become a good friend. We have five grown children and then we adopted two young brothers when they were infants. The younger one's name in Nathan just like yours. Matthew (11) has Asperger's Syndrome (high functioning autism) and Nathan has Fetal Alcohol Sydrome (not full-blown though). Like you, we find it hard to find schools and churches that understand and include special needs children. I have linked your site to mine.

Check out Pilgrim Scribblings @
http://www.pilgrimscribblings.blogspot.com and

the Barnabas Blog @

Be encouraged today! God is on His throne!

David Fisher

P. S. Your new home looks incredible!

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...I really DO feel that you are blessed!!
Remember..you specially need that little Gift that you have there!
He looks like your hero if you ask me...Love Terry

Ps.. Speaking of special needs...that David Fisher needs some more commenters on his blog. He now has 11 readers and Brodie to his name.You may as well make it an even dozen, eh Mrs. Mac?

ps.2 His site is just fantastic and encouraging but don't you ever tell him I told you so.

ps.3 I am still working on that list Mrs. Mac!!

Birmingham Girl said...

You are blessed. Isn't it a comfort to know that the Lord does indeed remember all our prayers and answers them like sending your family a wonderful new son in law for you, a husband for your daughter and an additional brother for Nathan. His love is amazing!

Tonya said...

That is so awesome. God is so amazing. This made me tear up.

Mrs. Darling said...

You are indeed blessed. Ive often wondered about my kids but unfortunatly my married daughter is not someone I want to leave these kids to. I love her dearly but she has no patience and she just isnt the motherly type. sigh I'm sure God knows all this and will take care of things. I must rest in that.

Jada's Gigi said...

What a blessing! He sounds like a catch of a SIL...and i'm sure Nathan loves him too...yes, thank you Lord for remembering prayers from long ago...

Mrs. Diamond said...

awwww that touches my heart!

gramma_s said...

You are certainly blessed. It must warm your mother heart to see someone else that cares about your dear little special son.