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Monday, November 27, 2006

Coffee Snobs

My very soon to be sil always comments on my good tasting coffee. He bought an inexpensive coffee maker and complains that it just makes a terrible brew. We even use the same coffee (Yuban)? Are you a coffee snob? Silly question, but I think I may be one. I've tried all sorts of whole beans, even used to have dh bring me my bean "fix" from Trader Joe's market on his monthly visits up here. I can tolerate Starbucks ... but not the French roast. Our area has some fine coffee houses and even several local roasting companies. But for the quick fix, Yuban is fine. Only the small can though as I get "high" opening a fresh one :) I use a Cuisinart "Grind N Brew" with a flavor control switch. Are you a coffee snob? (Guess what dear old mil got her dear sil for Christmas? ... hope he doesn't read this post)


Maggie Ann said...

Hmmmm, I can almost smell it..smile. I am a tea drinker but love my occasional cup of 'perked' hazelnut decaf. I have one of those bodies that is sensitive to caffiene...sad to say. My foot is coming along well, still sore and throbs now and again, but no red line indicating infection in the blood..(so I'm told). What an experience...that hurt so badly!! Thanks for asking about it though. I can only imagine how exciting it is to be looking forward to completing and moving in to your new home. I'm glad for you...=) I hope everything is turning out just as you want it to. Someone emailed me for a knitted dishcloth pattern and I'm trying to 'unearth' it ..grin. I think I'm on the right trail...have to go check.

Birmingham Girl said...

I guess I am in a way. I don't like re-heated coffee, I always make a fresh pot. Also, the pot has to be really clean or it tastes like old re-heated coffee. Do you have Tim Hortons in your neck of the woods? That's my latest coffee fix...its so good and one cup will do me for the day.
Starbucks tends to taste over roasted or burned to me..not my favorite. I also like Creamora, half and half or real cream...no 2% or skim milk in mine.
That was probably more information then you asked for, huh?!

Sara said...

i am a total coffee snob. so much so that i make my own to take to work because the brew they all consume is not worth calling java. i like folger's extra dark at home; a heaping scoop per cup. i hate reheated and also require ceramic or stainless steel cup. no plastic or styrofoam!! i do like starbucks. i'll go without before i'll drink weak coffee. and no cream or sugar please; make 'er black. i am a firefighter's daughter after all.

Jada's Gigi said...

no coffee for me...but I am definitley a tea snob...:) Fun, you have snow!!

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Oh, we used to have a Cuisinart Grind 'n' Brew. It busted after a week. It still made coffee, but the grinder didn't work. I've been using one of these

for a good year now and love it. Same principle but much fewer moving parts for me to mess up.