"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Stirring Memory

Sounds, tastes, scents and sights can evoke long ago memories. My morning cup up coffee transported me back in time to my grandmother's kitchen. Just from the little clink, clink sound I made when stirring my coffee. A sound I don't hear often as I usually put the creamer in first, then pour in coffee, thus eliminating the use of a spoon. Ahhh, but that sound ... brought back a flood of wonderful thoughts. For a moment I could see Grandma Donna sitting in her little kitchen nook wearing her turquoise bathrobe with pink and white flowers ... pink house slippers and a little white hanky sticking out of her sleeve. Grandpa's standing at the oversized stove frying bacon in a black skillet talking about his plans for the day. He just "perked" some great coffee in the clear glass Pyrex percolator. She's waiting for him to pour the coffee. For some reason, they both made the same little clink, clink sound (probably from stirring in sugar). I spent so much time at their home when I was a little gal that they seemed more like second parents to me. So as I sip the last few drops from my cup this morning, I'll have fond memories to get me through the day. You can bet my next cup of coffee will include the use of a spoon.

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Hikingalong said...

Mrs. Mac, what a lovely memory. It's amazing how things like that can spark our brains to conjure up feelings of love from the past. I love the way you write. You should journal things like this or maybe make a memory book for your family. I started writing like that about my memories several years ago and as you start writing, more and more will just flow out of you. There's a great book to help you get started if you're interested. It's by a Christian writer name Janice Elsheimer and is called the Creative Call. It helped me begin writing after many years of being stagnant. Also, I'm enjoying your posts on our weightloss blog.