"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, March 12, 2006

OK, I'll admit it ... I'm a "grease monkey"

MECHANICALLY INCLINED ... I've always tended to possess the ability to take something apart and figure out what's wrong ... buy the part ... or decide it's not worth fixing ... and/or put the whole thing back together. Today, I undertook the second most difficult "project" of my life. (The first was dismanteling the heating unit on my Hot Springs Spa and putting it all back together after fixing it.) I dismanteled my Lift Master garage door operating unit. Trying to get this home ready to sell has been a daunting task ... and wouldn't you know it but the day the buyer's home inspector looked at our home ... the (blasted) one and only time he pushed the button to open the (blasted) door ... it didn't work ....! Mind you it worked just fine for the five years we have lived here ... it even worked just fine for us that morning ...! But at the exact time the inspector inspected the thing ... capoot ... crash ... biz ... bum .... bam ... it broke down! I, being the handy person of the home, decided to order the parts from the internet and attempt to fix it myself. Today I installed all new gears, greased, and reinstalled the operating unit. This side of the garage stores our "up for sale" 65 GTO and doesn't see a lot of action. Everything is working with the unit itself ... Now I just have to reset the trolly and correct the drive pattern before reengaging the unit. That will be for Wednesday or Thursday as we had to get the GTO in the garage due to rain/snow (it doesn't fair well left out in the rain ... being a classic car and all). I so pray I can get the trolly properly alligned ... later this week as I'd hate to have a repair man come out just for that!


Hikingalong said...

Thank you for your heartfelt comments on my blog. I appreciate them so much. It is very painful to be going through this with my daughter. If I only knew why she was acting this way toward me, I could deal with it better. If I knew I had done something wrong, I could ask for her forgiveness. I just don't understand. I would appreciate your prayers for both of us if you don't mind...her name is Erin and my name is Bonnie. Thank you.

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