"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ruby Tuesday Curios

A bit of ruby cheer while waiting for spring.  I can always count on my little glass fronted curio cabinet to lend some color to brighten the day.

heirloom ruby glassware

To get your own ruby inspiration, visit Teach Mary at Work of the Poet.


Felisol said...

The ultimate ruby.
You must love these special heirlooms.
How wonderful the light is reflected in the glass.
The rooster getting ready for Easter??

chubskulit said...

How gorgeous!

My Ruby Tuesday , have a lovely evening.

BJ Roan said...

It's beautiful. Nice composition!

Terry said...

oh boy mrs. mac...you are doing ruby tuesday again and you have out done yourself!.such beautiful rich red colours in the glasses, jugs, the bowl and the rooster and wow! the ruby reflections on the counter top and the ruby shadows on the wall and even the bottom of the cupboard.
so nice mrs. mac and the few words you use are quite enough to make us all look forward to spring..
happy ruby tuesday!!love terry

Robin said...

What lovely rich shades of red, a real pleasure to look at.

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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Sunlight certainly does enhance the red color of the glass!


They say that just one touch of red
Will put big, bold thoughts in your head.
So scarlet’s for you,
And burgundy too,
And cardinal and carmine—‘nuff said!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Feast Rooted in Reds

Maggie Ann said...

They are so pretty, and there isn't any color as cheerful as red, well, yellow comes in 2nd? Have a nice day!

Kathryn said...

How lovely. I have a rooster (two actually) that looks rather like that from my hubby's grandma. The second rooster from my grandma is much more, um, antique. :)

Has spring arrived for you? We got a foot of snow Sunday/Monday & more on the way.

Jim said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday, M&M! Those are pretty red glasses. Aren't we fortunate of have some of the old things!

I am very slow today. Been busy and I just opened your second comment on one of my London posts.

Yes, Felisol and I were there at the same time. She was there when I cam I think (February 14) and left while I was still there. We left on March 8, making it a three week stay.

And lastly, how is our 15-year old fellow doing? You posts telling of him are refreshing as we realize how great our God really is! (You the MOM!!!)

Pat said...

I love the ruby glass, it's so pretty in the sunlight! It goes so well with your decorating..a touch of red with all the natural colors in your home.