"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathan .. God's Gift

Our youngest turned 15 years old today.  If you don't know it .. he was given a 2% chance of survival at birth.

It's a miracle he's growing up so strong and healthy .. full of life .. and a blessing to all who know him.  Thank you Lord for the honor of being his mom. 

Life would be many blessings short without our Gift! 


Maggie Ann said...

Happy Birthday to you Nathan! 15 years old...wow! I see he likes goodies like I do...lol. Thats a neat Birthday Cake.

Amrita said...

Hapy birthday Miracle Boy- you are so special to all of us and Jesus

Maria Stahl said...

My goodness, he's so tall and... teenagerish. Wow!

Happy birthday guy!

Terry said...

oh mrs. mac!..what a tender soul is our little gift!!
he is a blessing not only in his idaho home but a blessing to many in all parts of the world!..a blessing and treasure to your scarf sisters!
thank you and mr. mac for sharing him!
to be sure and WE would be short many blessings if we didn't know HIM........love terry

Pat said...

Ah, my favorite 15 year old! Having had the pleasure of meeting him in person was so precious to me. May the Lord bless him every moment of every day!

Kathryn said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Nathan! :)

May God bless the coming year and many more as well.

Terry said...

miss auntie patty...you are a smarty pants for sure...first you meet that little gift in person. face to face and THEN you got yourself into that peg legged bathtub that i was to be the first sister to get into!...NOT fair!

happy birthday again little man![little gift]
love miss terry

Felisol said...

Happy belated birthday
I didn't know we share a common interest in Kermit and the Muppet Show.
Mah-nah-mah-nah is my favorite. I watch it on YouTube and laugh every time.
From Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

Felisol .. It took me about two months to figure out he wanted a cd titled, 'Kermit Unpigged' .. and the soundtrack to, 'Muppets Treasure Island' movie songs. Boy was he super excited to get both for his b/d .. both are out hard to come by.

Sandy said...

Belated but Happy 15th
Birthday to sweet Nathan!!
So happy to hear he is
healthy and enjoying life.
Hope his day was great!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Nathan - how vividly I remember that day in the hospital when we were told a 2% chance of survival. How tiny and precious you were and how worried we all were that you might not make it. You truly were a gift from God and grandpa and I love you so much. Looking so forward to seeing you in May. Then you can help grandma celebrate her birthday.......Guess Who?

Saija said...

Happy Happy Birthday Nathan!!!! the guy who makes smiles happen!

Diane said...

Happy Belated Birthday to sweet Nathan! What a precious blessing you are!

Many hugs..........


Jim said...

Happy Birthday to Nathan!

Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Birthday to you!

Nathan, it seems just like yesterday when you had your 14th birthday. And now you are 15!
Fifteen is a good age to be. I can remember when I was 15. What is so good about it? For me I am thinking it was
1. Only one more year until I was 16!
2. My mother had to figure out nice presents. They didn't have to cost a lot but they had to be special. I hear yours were special. Those are really nice CDs! Kermit is one of my favorites.
3. You are finally big enough to be treated as an 'almost adult.'
4. You get some very nice sweets to eat on your fifteenth birthday! Ones that you like especially. I see you like donuts!
5. You mother is always proud of you. She's proud of your brother too! But this one day for sure you are the most special and precious child she could ever imagine!
6. When you get to be fifteen you are smarter than you have ever been before!
7. You can be your dad's helper more at fifteen than when you were fourteen!
8. When you are fifteen your birthday can be lasting for more than one day! I hope your mom remembers that. If she doesn't you can let me know.
9. Your birthday is special because it is the last day of winter! That means that on good days now that it is spring you can go help in the garden.
10. I is just plain nice to tell people that you are fifteen now! Fifteen is being almost great big! When you were a baby hardly anybody could imagine you being this big! It is just wonderful the way God has planned for us to grow. Did you know why we don't grow up in two days? That is because God knew it would take many years for us to grow up and learn lots of things. That is the way he made us.

I hope you have many reasons for liking to be fifteen. If enjoyed my TOP TEN reasons that being fifteen is very nice maybe you have a lot of these too. Even at my old age I can remember those days of being 'almost 16!'

And I know your first birthday was Sunday but still you can celebrate. It makes it more fun to have your birthday last longer. A week is very nice. Our daughter and also Mrs. Jim always want their birthday to be a whole month long! I can remember when our daughter, Karen, was 15. She thought she was grown up. I think she even acted more grown up!

Once more, and late,
Happy Birthday Nathan!

donna said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nathan...Can't believe you are 15 !!! God Bless You!

TherExtras said...

The 'miracle' is you! (Well, your Hubby gets more than sidekick-credit, too!)

(More) Blessings on your family! Barbara

Crown of Beauty said...

I posted birthday greetings for Nathan on our sisterhood blog, but the pictures here are so lovely.

So glad I am a part of his life, I get to read his stories!

Happy 15th year, Nathan!