"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Closing In On Autumn

Today I plan on making my last run out to the local u-pick farm to get food to store away for the coming winter.  The days are sitting pretty at about 78-80 degrees this week with nights in the 40's (F).  In the winter, 40's would feel like a nice summer day.  In the summer, 40 degree temps feel cold.  The past month has been spent busily in the kitchen canning and freezing garden produce.  A lot of work .. but a $ and time saver during the cold weather. 

Hubby and I have made dates for one day each week during September and October. Our bikes have been fine tuned and have been getting some use as well.  He put his name in a drawing at the library and won two tickets for a lake cruise which took place last Friday evening.  Everyone aboard had won similar tickets ... so the boat was full of 'readers' and book club fans.  Mostly silver haired folks with great life stories to share.

With the cooler nights it's time to start feathering the nest with extra bedding, and hanging a few sweaters in the front closet for cool morning walks.   What's going on in your neck of the woods?


Yaya Yarns said...

Although it is still extremely warm (hot) in my area of the woods I am looking forward to cooler weather. I actually started working on the fall table decorations this week. I have begun my fall cleaning routine, though I really enjoying this when it gets a little cooler and I can open the window and air the house out. I am having company all next week and I to get to some of these things a bit earlier than normal.

Your blog was cozy and encouraging!


Felisol said...

Oh, Mrs. Mac,
You are such a model house wife. I remember my dad always praised my mother because all the money she saved for the family by working at least 16 hours a day, except for Sundays. Those were tax free dollars too.
I am glad you have set aside a day for yourselves, that will pay off too.

I still have red currants hanging on the trees. I managed to save the black currants and the gooseberries.
I'm harvesting all kinds of herbs. Some I dry, and some I put in the freezer.
We had a tour in the south county last week. The plan was to drop in at my cousins farm and stock potatoes and carrots for the winter. I just was too tired to do it. we chose to go photo shooting, visit galleries and beaches instead.
I guess I still can buy some for one third of the market price next week. That will pay for a new trip across the fjord.
Last week of September we are headed for Sauda, to help my mother hang up new winter curtains. As long as I remember she has had heavy winter curtains and white lace ones for the summer.

Today I officially acknowledged the autumn being here, by turning on the heating in the kitchen. This night we are even burning birch wood on our living room fireplace.
I'm definitely not welcoming the autumn, but I might as well do the best out of what is inevitable.

There's still soil and bulbs to be spread and and planted in the garden.
I am an outdoor person, so I gladly put on my wollies to be enjoying fresh air and black soil.

Jada's Gigi said...

Autumn seems to be headed our way too although its still very warm...90s in the days, but cool and pleasant at night..we are sleeping with windows open. I am trying to plan landscaping for fall planting and painting furniture for J's bedroom. she wants it to match her comforter set..which has polka dots on it. lol No canning here and not much freezing unless we have an abundance of goods...like blueberries...we froze some of those to cook with and eat in cereal over the winter..and bell peppers...if we have a half left over we freeze it...great for throwing into soups.

Constance said...

I am also enduring 90 degree temps here. 40's are about our normal Winter daytime temps.

Getting ready to head out on our trip Saturday for Canada where I will be able to enjoy sweater weather and a fire in the Lodge's fireplace! Do you think they'll have apple cider?

Crown of Beauty said...

Autumn is so beautiful... and it is really my favorite season, even though we do not have this season here in our country. We only have dry summer season and wet rainy season...then the in between months from November to February which are cool and dry.

You have been busy! Lovely pictures, Mrs. Mac. I see that Nathan has grown.

What a joy it must have been to win that cruise for two!

Just wanted to keep in touch with you...


Deb said...

So glad you found a sitter for Nathan and took the lake cruise!

Today is a wonderful day here in Pennsylvania - end of summer sun and quiet with the exception of the ducks hammering on my door (refer to my blog) - spent the day doing laundry and washing dishes. Nothing fancy.

My appointment this evening was cancelled so I have the evening free. I'm glad - didn't feel much like leaving the house today.

...oh...I hear the school bus...and the Mallards have begun to quack....Olivia is home!

Pat said...

We have a extra warm day tody..high 80's, but we know that it won't last..thank goodness!
I've been going through clothes, thinking about making the change from summer to winter. It's a bit early yet, maybe in a couple more weeks, I'll make the change.
Mostly, I'm just enjoying the cool nights...great for sleeping!

Maggie Ann said...

Hey there Mrs.Mac, What pretty bedding! I haven't been canning but instead, working with hubby on creating a small home library in our former....guest bedroom. Its been hard work, especially lugging the books back and forth and painting the room. All is done now, and we are so pleased. I'm sorry summer is about over, but wish it had been a little more user friendly....allergy wise and heat wise. Have a nice evening!

Maggie Ann said...

Mrs.Mac, I LOVE this rose wallpaper!!! Its oh so pretty! I've been rearranging my sidebar and happened over again, checking up on my sidebar to see if it was correct....did you know there is another lady out there in cyberspace who's blog is called scented ger.? =)