"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tag Times Two

I'm a slow poke when it comes to acknowledging blog awards. Not that I don't appreciate them, for I truly do. My computer sometimes runs so slow that I have to finagle getting pictures posted most days ... but I want to thank two lovely friends from different parts of the world for bestowing me with kind awards.

First, my friend Maggie Ann ... over at the Knitting Kat blog has given me the "Uplifting Blogger Award." Maggie Ann is a sweet, kind-hearted lady that loves God with her whole being. You can't help but have some of God's Word rub off on you when you pay her a visit (a very good thing, I might add).ItalicShe has inspired me to take up knitting ... and most recently ... she blessed me with a box full of wool samples to practice spinning ... as in making yarn ... there were even directions and a book with nice pictures. Soon ... I will attempt to unravel the mystery of how yarn is made... thanks to Maggie Ann :)

Secondly, My friend Lidj, from the beautiful Philippine Islands has given me the "Kreative Blogger Award" and asked me to name seven things I love that show my creativity. Well, here goes:

  1. God's creative touch has always inspired me. Whether watching the sun set from my backyard hammock, or photographing a snowy winter scene, Each day I go out into the world something He created JUMPS OUT at me.
  2. Taking something old and discarded and re-purposing it into something beautiful. Much the way God can transform a person from the inside out.
  3. Sewing and cooking were my favorite subjects in school. I learned to sew on a tiny little Singer sewing machine my dad bought me for Christmas when I was only five years old. That started my love for stitching up aprons, and doll clothes at a VERY young age.
  4. The last few years have been exciting having built our own home from a drawing I made on a paper napkin. Selecting each door knob, faucet, light fixture and appliance. Paint colors, roof color and style, and what color and type of siding. Landscaping the yards and putting in my veggie gardens. Step by step, line upon line. Much like reading the Word of God ... a little each day and soon you've read the whole Book!
  5. Gathering my little flock of 'Scarf Sisters' and protecting them, praying for them, acting goofy with them, encouraging them.
  6. Being the mother of four wonderful grown children. They bless my world each and every day. How lovely it is to watch them mature and become dear friends.
  7. Well, one of my four children is a most precious young man that is maturing leaps and bounds. He was created with an extra chromosome that has given him the most sensitive heart. No matter what 'label' he has placed next to his name in his school file, he's truly the most loving individual I've ever met.
Wow, seven things already! God has blessed me with more creative ideas than I know what to do with ... which is scary ... not to boast. Sometimes, I wish there were more hours in each day so I could attempt other creative projects. But God knows best ... and I have to pace myself.

There are so many Uplifting and 'Kreative' bloggers that visit here. It's hard to choose recipients. So, if you think you'd like to accept either or both of these awards from me, I give you permission to participate. Thanks ladies!


Jim said...

Congratulations on your awards! The Kreative has a pretty logo and has nice requirements.
I am like you, I procrastinate putting them on my sidebar. I think people have given up on giving me awards. Besides I run the old Blogger on most of my blogs still and they are harder to add.
"doozing" was the abominable 'word verification' word tonight. I did go to sleep though posting this comment. :-) Maybe word verification is an evil spirit as well as being abominable.
For sure it was psychic.

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Cathy,
I knew from Day One, that is, the first time I started reading your blog posts, that you are one very creative lady! You were born with creative genes! So, you truly deserve this award!

Thanks for accepting it, and coming up with the seven things you love that show your creativity.

Constance said...

I am back to the land of blogging finally since getting sick on my trip. I am feeling much better even if my Butt is draggin'!

I enjoyed your blessings. We tend to lose focus on what we have been blessed with and start dwelling about what we lack in our lives. maybe I need to write down my blessings and post them next to the computer so that every morning I start my day out with a grateful heart!


Letters From Midlife said...

I'm so happy to find your blog via Lidj's. I also have four kids (ages 27, 23, 20 and 15) that are close to the ages of yours. I've been married 31 years. We have some things in common so I look forward to getting to know you through your blogs.

Pat said...

Both awards are well deserved. If there were a "high energy" award, I'd also give you that one! To live and share the gifts that God gave you is one of the greatest rewards in it self. You recognize and use those gifts, and we're all richer for it!

Jada's Gigi said...

Congrats on your awards! and thanks so much for our Scarf Sister gang...that was certainly one fun creative idea you had that time!

Blessings each day said...

My first time here and you have a very welcoming blog indeed.

I like how you accepted and passed on your awards too...very gracious.

We, too, need to think about the next planting for our garden as the string beans are on their last leg.

The Scarf Sister thing sounds interesting.



Terry said...

you deserve all of these rewards mrs.mac,
i have a few but i don't know how to put them on my blog.
when mr. jim is well and able, i will just have to bother him again for some help
ha almost five years at the computer and still illiterate!

congratulations mrs.mac,
my reward to you is a unanimous vote that you are the 2009 idaho mother of the year!
where would i buy me one of those tags?....eh?....love terry

Maggie Ann said...

I ALWAYS enjoy my visit here! I'm so glad to know you through blogging....*hugs* from Maggie Ann