"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Phantom of the "Bark"ra

This post finds me with "noise" in my head! Barking sounds that aren't really there! Scary stuff! For Three nights this past week, my pooch decided that barking was her preferred means of communication. Not during the day ... but evening and night time ... enough to get me out of my nice sudsy bubble bath ... or up at night muttering something about a Korean meat market if you get my drift ;) Dh once read that, "Golden retrievers think life is a party and they're the guest of honor." I have to admit that lately she's been treated as the dawg that she is ... and not given the honor she thinks she deserves. Needless to say, last night was one heck of a barky night. I have resorted to putting her down in the basement's storage room in her kennel, with a night light and sometimes a movie playing during one of her "episodes." To top things off, she is frightened of lightning and thunder ... which occurred last night as well. Today I'm still "hearing" barking in my head as if I can't turn off her obnoxious voice. Time to buy a muzzle!

Tomorrow my satellite connection should be hooked up. The electrician/installation tech had a bad part on the dish last week and had to order a new part; thus the delay.

"You are to be my holy people. So do not eat the meat of an animal torn by wild beasts; throw it to the dogs." Exodus 22:31


Sara said...

could be worse; our 13 year old dog is deaf and blind...and a barker. so she trots to the far back fence of our yard and faces nothing barking maniacally BUT she can't hear us calling her back in or telling her to shut up!

Pat said...

I can't wait till your satellite connection is up and running...I've missed your more frequent posts. I also need to see how my room is coming as I'm ready for some R&R...although I can't say a barking dog is what I'm looking for! :)
I feel like I've lost touch with a dear friend - but I keep checking back to see if you've returned.
I appreciated your comments on my last post, and your mom couldn't have put it better. Life is a ladder we are climbing and the top rung gets closer every day. Tell her "thank you" from me for her words of wisdom.

Mrs. Mac said...

Pat ... your room is all ready, minus a few wall decorations ;) I'm off this week to the pet store to get a good muzzle or anti-barking collar for Miss Holly (that'll fix her!) So don't worry 'bout hearing a barking pooch!

Terry said...

Oh No!!
Mrs. Mac, that "Dawg" had to learn to bark. The poor darlin' was just so surrounded by so many cats that she had to protect herself some how!!
If she gets too bad, just send her back to Canada.
If you really listen closely to that barking, though you can hear a distinct eh?, punctuating each sentence.

I am glad that you will be getting your fast speed Mrs. Mac and that we will be hearing from you more.
Really did miss you, you know, eh?...Love Terry

Maggie Ann said...

I can see you've got 'dogs' on your mind...sorry! It doesn't sound like fun. Everyone needs a good night's sleep. Hope you have a restful Lord's Day and your dog does too!

Constance said...

The only thing worse than dial up is a hard-drive crash! I am back on the internet and eager to get caught up with everyone and that includes you! Have a great day today!
Connie in Texas

Margie said...

I got Phyllis a dog last Christmas (2005) and even though she's a nice dog, I am ready to ship her over to the Mink's, they will never notice one more :) Except Phyllis would be heart broken!

I've missed you too!!

Jada's Gigi said...

Dogs! why do we put up with em? :)

Anonymous said...

It will be good to see you post more often (look who's talking) :-)
If your doggie needs company, we have a neighbor dog that barks all night, a duet might sound better than a solo.
Isn't it something how you can find a Bible verse for every occasion?
Love, gramma_s

Terry said...

Hey Jada is right Mrs. Mac.
Why put up with a dog when you can trade her in for a few good cats!!!
Does your new castle have mice??

Mrs. Mac said...

Miss Terry ... no more mice, but we had one visit our pantry the first few days ... a trap took care of him/her. Cats make me sneeze and get teary-eyed. Do you still want the dawg back? She's ready for another LONG visit with you ;)

Terry said...

Send the dawg over!
I have just discovered that Pilgrim David has been holding out on me and he has had a cat stashed away, name of Willow, so I have decided to do a little cat napping. Maybe the "Dawg" can help me out!....Love Terry