"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Off My Duff

OK ... I'm off my duff today! My brain has been overloaded again and was a blank slate filled with just bits and pieces of life ... nothing to string together to write about. A hodgepodge of ideas and memories just floating in grey matter. That is until last night when I got an email from dear old mom saying I needed to post more on my blog ... that she misses me. OK mom, one day soon, you will have to de-lurk and post a comment or two! :)

Yesterday, winter tried to rear its ugly head with a blast of cold weather including an icy mix of rain and snow puffs (my term used for Styrofoam looking bits of snow). But, alas, today is glorious with plenty of sunshine, fluffy white clouds, and a spring breeze to remind a person that winter is a thing of the past for the time being. One day of sunshine in North Idaho, makes up for the periods of gray and overcast skies.

On the home front, we had our gravel driveway paved and the exterior trim is being painted today. The great room's freestanding stove was installed, and my new wooden rockers from the Cracker Barrel Country Store arrived and I assembled them. They will be nice to use this summer out on our front porch balcony to rock the new grand baby. Next week I'd like to get red geraniums planted in some flower boxes. I also put in my mail order for some fabulous scented geraniums that will perfume the air with their various scented leaves. Weather permitting, the landscaper should start putting in the lawn and flowerbed sprinklers.

DH called last night to see if I wanted a buffalo robe (queen size blanket). Only he would ask me such a question ... and only his friend Bob would offer us such a possession. But, being that the winters are cold, I told him to ship it up and I may use it in the family room down in the basement. I'm hoping such a thing doesn't smell awful! (edit: I just google searched buffalo robes and was shocked to see they cost about $1,000 for the size we're getting!) Whilst I'm working getting the house in order, he's off to Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, Jamestown ... etc., etc. on the last of his all guy macho trips. He has some nerve leaving me here to do all the work! When he returns home, I'm going to take a few days off and visit a spa (alone ... or with a girlfriend).

It's too nice of a day to be surfing the web ... so I'm going outside to enjoy the sunshine. May the Good Lord bless your weekend and may you be a blessing to Him.


Sara said...

we're glad to see you, duff and all! enjoy that beautiful home of yours and be sure to share some pics of those rocking chairs!

Jim said...

Hi Mrs. Mac -- I didn't know you had to put those wooden rockers from the Cracker Barrel together. Do they supply glue and stuff?
We have Mema's old white rocker that we like a whole lot out on our back porch.
My relatives lurk too. Once in a while I paste a part of my sister's e-mail in my comments when it is appropriate. She likes that.

Mrs. Mac said...

Jim ... you can buy the rockers already assembled for quite a bit more $$ ... and they charge $60 to ship each. The first one took about one hour to put together ... if you ever buy one, be sure to follow their advice about assembling it first without glue ... so you know how it fits together ... Needless to say, the second one only took ten minutes ;)

Terry said...

Hi Mrs. Mac!!
Did you wonder were the the little gift and the dawg were for a couple of days?!
I must say that they behaved just fine but I will have to tell you that Miss Holly enjoyed stayng in the house.
I never threw her out to the cruel streets outside!
That is so kind of you to buy a buffalo robe for her to be nice and cozy in!

I am glad that you are getting warm days now and will be able to rock that little darling in the rocking chair, outside.
I just hope that the good weather lasts a whole long time Gramma Mac!

Well I better be off to bed for a few more hours sleep.
I just got up for a.moment to read my emails and here I have sat for an hour!!...Have a blessed Sunday...Love Terry

I kind of miss that Miss Patty!

Constance said...

I envy any one who gets to sit outside on a porch in a rocking chair! Here in Texas, sitting out on the porch doesn't last very long! Forget about it in the summer altogether! I see people with nice decks, ceiling fans and such, but no one out enjoying them. Could be because it's already almost 90 degrees when you get up in the morning! Blech!!!

Someday....Retirement still seems so very far away!
Connie in Texas

Jada's Gigi said...

Nice to have you back..but i know just what you mean about your mind being filled with bits and pieces..:)
Definitely get that spa day arranged and the landscaping sounds divine...I'm wishing for some of that my self..:)

Pat said...

Hello again! Those Cracker Barrell rocker are so popular, and they looks so good on a porch or deck. Nothing like rocking your cares away!
What's this about DH on his manly man trip? I say WE plan a day of girly girl stuff too!
Terry says she KIND OF misses me!?
I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry! :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes, Pat, we should plan a girly-girl trip ... I'm protesting dh right about now ... the nerve ... leaving me here to plan all the landscaping while he's off on a vacation to the East Coast ... I hope he likes the trailer park yard art I've selected for the front yard ;) I think Miss Terry was sincere about missing you (in a strange sort of way ;) lol