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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I "Ditched" Church

I hate to admit it, but I ditched church on Sunday! My intentions were good ... I even made it to a local church ... (I was alone) ... but after inquiring about what and/or/if they had a place for my special needs child, I was told my best option was to sit in their "cafe" during the service and listen to the message via a speaker. OK ... now I've been here ... done this ... before. At our last church I emailed a letter to the children's minister to see if they would accomodate a young child with Down syndrome ... he eagerly took on the duty and my little guy spent the first two Sunday's following the minister around ... shortly afterwhich other and much better arrangements were provided. This past Sunday I just showed up alone to check things out. I got the usual, "we don't discriminate" anyone here ... and yet, they really don't have much to offer ... nor did they have any alternative suggestions (other than sitting in the cafe with said child). It's sad to say, but churches are really missing out on a whole population of parents in the same boat as myself. We just want to go to church as a family and have a place for our child(ren) to get spiritually fed too! There are a few churches out there that have taken the lead and started special needs ministries ... I know, because I helped establish the one at our last church. My alternative this past Sunday ... was to dash off to my car and cry my eyes out!! I then headed to my beautiful property in the Northern woods of Idaho and attended God's church of the great outdoors.
Photo by: "Me" 5/06

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