"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Walking the Land

Yesterday I walked and scoped out my property with a new friend. She informed me about noxious weeds, something I had been studying about at a website last week, an old logging road at the back of our land (I had never noticed this before), and all the different names of the plants and pine saplings. We found pussywillows (a childhood favorite of mine), dogwood, ponderosa pine, just to name a few. We even discovered that the area our new home is to be built will have a view of the lake from our front porch. This is something that dh will enjoy hearing as we have rocking chairs planned for relaxing and soaking in the sights, sounds and scents. We even discovered a deer trail, with fresh hoof marks and a few fresh "piles" of "organic" matter :) My new friend gave me lots of suggestions for using some of the snapped and hollowed out trees both downed and still standing. To some we can add wild bird feeders ... and others we can use in the landscape. It's nice to meet someone from the area that is a wealth of information. We're in countdown mode with six days until our big move.

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Toni said...

How exciting! I remember back in 75 when me and my hubby did the same thing (moved to Sandpoint.)

Noxious weeds are a real problem, my husband has been spraying, trying to get rid of them, for years.

Hope the move goes well. YOu are lucky to find a nice rental.