"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, April 03, 2006

Count Down to Move ... Day 5 (Elusive Sleep)

I have no idea why I'm still awake at 2:30 AM early Monday morning! Most of the previous evening was spent wrapping and packaging large framed pictures and packing a bit more of the kitchen. I've only been up since 4:30 AM (the old time) when my youngest decided it was time to get up. Then, too, I began packing. We do have a deadline of Saturday to be out of here. This is not an easy task for a family of five to empty out a 3100 square foot home and make it sparkle. Must be adrenaline kicking in as I haven't had any coffee since early afternoon. Dh was doing a little figuring the other day and discovered we have four cars and only three drivers! Brilliant deduction ... one we almost overlooked. You see, we were hoping to sell our 65 GTO before the move, but that has not happened to date. We've had several "interested" parties ... one that was probably an overseas scam artist ... so to remedy the situation, dh drove the muscle car to his mom's house for temporary storage in her garage. As soon as he returns from our move up north, he will drive the car to a friend's classic car showroom and try to sell it. The car really is in remarkedly great condition ... even has original interior seats ... no tears or marks. It's fun to drive ... grrrrr.


Patches & Mittens said...

Mom says she hopes your move goes swimmingly. She said she remembers driving 1400 miles with 3 little kids to get to Idayho in two days. (Dad left a month early.) She said only young people can do that.

JansJourney said...

Hello, Mrs, Mac,

This is Jan, writing to thank you for the comments to my posts on my blog site. It has surprised me that you are still following my cancer blog after all these weeks.

I am surprised that you are still able to do this even as you move to a new home. However, I'm sure that if we moved, the computer would be one of the last items packed, and first items unpacked. I probably should hav made computer plural, as we have 4 computers running most of the time. (Addiction? No, just convenient!) Hope everything goes smoothly for you during the move and settling in period.

Thanks for all your positive comments and prayers; they help comfort me and fill me with joy, that a complete stranger found me and cares for me!

Best wishes,