"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, January 13, 2014

Whatever Happened to Mrs. Mac?

I do a little more posting on my other blog, The Thrifty Garden Home

The Mr. retired on New Year's Eve .. so we're on our 'honeymoon' period of retirement.  We have not gotten tired of each other's company (yet). 

August!  Really, that was the last post before this shorty!

Nathan is growing leaps and bounds .. he'll be 18 in two months!  Transitioning to adult services is quite the challenge.  And, we're in the process of becoming his legal guardians.  So much paperwork!!

About now is the time I pour over my garden plans and order a few seed packets.  I've learned over the years to only plant that which my family will eat.  So we stick with green beans, carrots, potatoes .. and skip some of the exotic things like eggplant. (I like eggplant.)

I'm glad the Christmas stuff is put away, but I really have no idea how to put things back in order.  Should have taken pictures before I decorated.  Everything looks so blah!

Well, that's enough of coming out of hibernation.  Go visit my other blog if you want to keep up to date on the Mac Family.


Trish said...

I cannot believe that Nathan is going to be 18! You are a shining example of love and patience to us all Mrs.Mac. Enjoy the honeymoon phase of retirement...Tom retired from Ford's and went straight to work somewhere else. That was a very good thing because he needs something to do 24/7! Our honeymoon phase would be over right quick! ;)

donna said...

I am enjoying the blog scene again...

Mrs. Mac said...

Me too Donna :)

Hi Trish .. thanks for stopping by.

Crown of Beauty said...

I have been remiss in keeping track of my blog neighbors, but this year, there is a renewed desire in me to be more intentional in keeping my blog friendships alive. I thank God for the gift of you, dear Mrs. Mac. Enjoy the Mr.'s retirement, a new season of your lives! Shalom, Lidia

Star said...

Enjoy retirement but beware! It isn't long before they start getting under your feet.

Mrs. Mac said...

@ Star .. I just 'gave' the hubby 1/2 of my normal chores :) It keeps him quite busy all morning .. every morning (LOL)