"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, June 04, 2012

It's Been A BUSY Two Months

... since my last post.

We have had gardens to put in, company ... and my little granddaughter had heart surgery.  Many times I have come here and have not known what to write.  Ideas flying out my head .. then out the window as well.  Life takes turns and sometimes the ride is a roller coaster; I don't 'do' roller coasters.  But .. lately .. I've been along for the ride.

How can summer be just a few weeks away.  I've yearned for this season since last January while snow bound at home pouring over seed catalogs daydreaming.  The garden has been planted except for one type of seed .. morning glories.  It may not be too late to stick some seeds along the fence line and hope they have time to sprout and mature in our short growing season.

The grass needs to be mowed .. and so do the weeds.  Somehow, we have had several rainy days this past week giving me a break with watering the garden ... yet causing the grass to grow with wild abandon adding to the job of mowing.

This is the last week of junior high school for Nathan ... then he gets promoted to high school.  He's excited and prepared to make the step up.  School is serving him well as he is learning many life skills that are important to his current and future life. 

There is so much life to live in our short summer months.  Staying outdoors .. tending the veggie/fruit patches .. summer camp for Nathan .. watching the grand kids grow .. and soaking in the fresh mountain air.  It's time to get the kayaks and bikes out.  BBQ past 7 PM.  Star gaze around the fire pit.  Make homemade ice cream outside with chipped ice and salt, and listening to the cricket serenade.  How about you; what's up in your world?


Jada's Gigi said...

A delicious season it is!! We too are spending hours and hours outside...gardening, grilling, chores...reading and swinging in the swing...a few fires int he pit but its really too warm for that most of the time....no tv much...no school events..J is gone to FL....kind of quiet and nice...

Sara said...

Ahh, it's finally here! Lots of time tending to the yard and then sitting to enjoy it. Love your new "look!"

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Just now I prayed for Rowan. I want you to know that I felt the Holy Spirit's very strong presence around me as I prayed and thanked God in advance for the miracle for Baby Rowan.

Still feeling His presence now, and continue to pray: "Father God I pray for a creative miracle - please dear Creator God supply this precious one baby Rowan, with a brand new a body part that is not there - and please connect all the vessels and valves and nerves so perfectly and let that heart begin to function normally. I ask You now to please send an angel to Baby Rowan with these needed parts straight from the supply room of heaven. You know everything that is needed."

I speak life and complete healing to Rowan now, for the glory of Your name, for the fulfillment of this child's destiny.


Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Special thoughts and prayers for Nathan and Jacob just now.

Maggie Ann said...

Dear Mrs. Mac, I am So sorry to hear of your loss. May God comfort you constantly. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. I tried the link you left me, but it denied me access. I will pray for your family....words fail me, I know you are hurting. When we lost our girl, I just kept giving her to God, trusting through all the heartache. Its so hard, but it eases with time.

I am doing a little knitting, my knitting group was delighted I finally showed up today, after being absent from them for about 6 weeks. Lately, I've been outside a lot....weeding in the flower beds, untill it got into the 90's. Then I'm all for the couch and turn on the fans! Our AC is down for the count, and my hubby really misses it. A man is coming tomorrow to give him an estimate. I hope you are cooler than we are here tonight. Thankfully we have an attic fan that cools the house down about 11pm. We've planted flowers everywhere and it takes us about an hour to water each evening, but we enjoy the blooms. Like you said, we waited so long for summer, I want to enjoy it too.

Felisol said...

Nathan and Jacob are still close to my heart. So are you. Thank you for praying even though you must have your plate full yourself.
His promises are still firm. "He will not leave, nor forsake us."