"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Friday, January 06, 2012

More and More ...

Nathan as a wee babe 1997
independent.  That Gift of mine (Nathan .. the possessor of an extra chromosome) has got his groove on.  Pretty self reliant of late is he!  After spending months and months with an in home therapist, he has got himself in order.  Bathing, washing his own hair, eating at the Christmas table with eleven people, brushing teeth, shopping, extra outings after school twice a week .. just to name a few improvements.  God is good .. and I am blessed.


Felisol said...

God is great. So are Nathan and you.
Nothing makes me happier that prayers answered.
The great answer for year 2011, Nathan making a 180 degree turn.

Sandy said...

I am always blessed to hear that Nathan is improving. I have prayed many times for this and am praising God for this wonderful report.

Mrs. Mac said...

Thank you Felisol and Sandy for the prayers. I LOVE to give praise reports :)

Margie said...

YEAH!!! He was so cute (and still is!) I love looking at his picture on my fridge!

Anonymous said...

You are a beacon of God's faithfulness to all!

Love seeing your red hair!


Pat said...

What a sweet picture!
Looking at Nathan is like actually seeing God's marvelous works before your very eyes. You are right, you are blessed.
I love that young man.

Diane said...

Every day, many times daily, I walk by my fridge and see Nathan's picture. I almost always stop and lay my fingertips across his pic and pray for him and for you and Terry. What a joy to hear so much encouraging news from he! What a great blessing to know God is working in his life!

Many hugs................


Trish said...

What a blessing is our Nathan...I love his smile and look how blonde his hair was!
Cathy...you are an example to us all!
I love you!

Jim said...

Hurray for Nathan! He is the Down Syndrome child that I know best. I am always amazed at the wonderful progress he is making.

Love goes a long, long way doesn't it? I know you can't hardly begin to explain your love and I can't see nearly all of it. But I am so impressed with it all.

God is good and you are blessed. May His blessings for you and Nathan and the family continue abundantly.