"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Just Dance

Nathan has been back to school for nearly a month.  He had a nice surprise at school;  his (favorite) 5-6th grade teacher has moved up and is now his 8th grade teacher.  He is so happy to trek off to school each morning and is continually making progress.  His in home therapy has ended as he met all of his goals.  Now he spends two afternoon/evenings a week receiving developmental therapy in a group setting with a new set of goals.  This is a BIG deal for him .. considering that only a year ago he would barely set foot inside the building.  His comfort level has greatly increased.  My once introverted son is comfortable enough to dance to music in front of his peers.  Praising God for His goodness!


Mrs. Mac said...

That is great news Mrs. Mac.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

8:34 AM

(I reposted this comment due to picture problems on the original post .. Mrs. Mac)

Dani said...

How wonderful - and how encouraging.

Overcoming his hurdles is a major - and having a familiar / loved teacher is just the reward he deserves for his improvement. So very happy for you all :)

Crown of Beauty said...

I enjoyed hearing about the positive changes in Nathan.

And about your Early to Bed post, it was hilarious... although you wrote it so "matter of factly" - you are a funny lady, dear Cathy.

Thank you for being a faithful friend to me.

May God continue to be real to you and your whole family. Praying for your daughter as she prepares for her coming baby.


Jim said...

Good for Nathan! It is good when kids like school. I wasn't aware of his therapy but I am sure that you two did well on that.

Karen (daughter) took our daughter, KP, to a pre-school visit this morning. KP loved it. The first thing she did was to walk up to the teacher and take her hand.

Felisol said...

God and Nathan are a great team, they make wonders together.
He will continue to remain my prayerchild (with Dad Golden).

Sandy said...

I am so glad to hear this
wonderful news about sweet
Nathan. God is so good.

Margie said...

So glad to hear! love love love!