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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scarf Sisters Reunion - Day Three

On Sunday I loaded up the gals into the 'tour bus' (my old van;) and we headed out of town ... final destination .. to tread ever so quickly into and out of the state of Montana ... just to say 'We Were There' ;)  Sister Deb wants to visit all fifty states ... so with this trip, she was able to check off three. 

Scarf Sisters at the Greenbriar Inn, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
We started the day with a beautiful and delicious brunch at the Greenbriar Inn.  A lovely brick home built in 1908 that serves dinner, brunch, and is a B&B.  The food was so good, and the interior of the home right up my alley .. vintage!

A trip to North Idaho wouldn't be complete without a visit to the oldest building in the state.  That being the Mission Of The Sacred Heart in Cataldo.  Built between 1850-1853 by Catholic Jesuit missionaries and members of the Coeur d'Alene tribe, it has a feeling of rich history blending religious traditions of the white men with that of the native.

Mission Of The Sacred Heart, Cataldo, Idaho

Parrish House .. next to the mission

Parrish House Parlor

Parrish House Kitchen

Wooden Urn at Mission

Inside the Mission

A Black Robe worn by Jesuit Missionary
The afternoon was spent having authentic BBQ at the Smoke House in downtown Wallace, ID .. and a little shopping for silver jewelry (Wallace is in the Silver Capital of the world).  Sister Cheryl was a brave soul standing on the spot (in the middle of the street) dubbed 'The Center of the Universe' ... There is much more to see in this area ... but not enough hours in the day.  I think the sisters need to come back for a longer stay one of these days :)

Sisters At the Center Of The Universe :)


Terry said...

oh mrs. mac!
it looks like you guys had such a lot of fun and the day was nice and sunny for you.
i think the best was your visiting that jesuit house...how great could THAT be..living in a comfy home like that!
when the golden family were living in my beloved manitoba, mom golden used to buy little round braided rugs from the hudderites...they were so nice!
you never know mrs.mac maybe you WILL have more visitors one of these years!
i am taking my vitys and i really believe my legs are getting stronger and maybe i can convince that bernie guy and the little red car to take me to idaho!
i have already talked him into a possible trip to norway to see my felisol!
yeh....for sure and you just never know!
love terry

Yaya Yarns said...

Oh is sounds as if you all had a wonderful and blessed time!

Maggie Ann said...

HOw nice of you to plan this trip! It looks like it was over the top special! =)

Constance said...

I would have had a blast with you gals, I just know it! Of course since Deb and I love to bargain hunt as well as discover great finds, we might have had to have you referee the both of us!! Ha Ha!

Good friends, good fellowship and good food...the finer things in life!

I know I keep suggesting a reunion in Texas one of these times and I am thinking San Antonio!!


Anonymous said...

I think this is the center of the blog-universe! Lovely to read! Thanks, Mrs. Mac! Barbara

Amrita said...

Goodness me, that 's such a lovely place to visit . i would get lost in it. It looks so beautiful

Saija said...

*huge smile* ... and the weather was so perfect too!!!! ya!!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

We had a such a good time! I bought a beautiful little turtle in the Silver Capital of the World...and I felt positively super powered standing in the Center of the Universe. :) Thanks, Ms Mac!