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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Mother's Intuition

  • Motherese
  • Eyes In The Back Of Her Head
  • Chicken Soup
  • You're Fibbing
  • Tell Mama
  • Let Me Kiss Your Boo-Boo
  • Eat Your Veggies
  • Drink Your Milk
  • What Are You Up To?
  • Sixth Sense
  • Babble Translator
  • Child Whisperer
Mom to the rescue. "Honey, what does your son mean ... I can't understand a word he's saying." These words have been ringing around our home more and more lately. Seems Mr. Mac's patience is wearing thin trying to understand Nathan. Now Nathan, being the possessor of an extra chromosome, does have quite a time with words. He babbles nonsense words 90% of the time; nonsense to the untrained ear ... words nonetheless. A language of the heart and soul that is much like a dance. In order for a person to understand the language, one must first take specialized 'dance' lessons. These lessons involve patience, time, and a well trained ear. If a person repeats the same grunting tone for the same need over and over for say 12 years or more, that becomes his/her own language. A language just the same as English, Japanese, or French. Foreign only to those that don't know it ... but a language just the same. Imagine how intelligent a person has to be to invent their own set of words. Intelligence that is God given. Maybe I need to start writing down a word for word translation in book form. It would be a best seller with our family and friends. I'm accepting advance orders. ... And if you'd care to join Mr. Mac in a "Beginners Nate-lish 101" language course, sign-up in the comment section ... classes begin in September ;)

"God took one look and said, "One people, one language; why, this is only a first step. No telling what they'll come up with next—they'll stop at nothing! Come, we'll go down and garble their speech so they won't understand each other." Then God scattered them from there all over the world. And they had to quit building the city. That's how it came to be called Babel, because there God turned their language into "babble." From there God scattered them all over the world."
From Geneses 11:9 (The Message Bible)


Pat said...

You could write a book or hold classes, but I don't think anyone would ever be as intuitive as Mom. I see such a difference in men and women when they are listening to someone speak. Hal had a hard time understanding his mother in her last days plus she did have her dentures...I understood every word she said. We listen with our heart.

Pat said...

That should have said..she did NOT have her dentures. Sorry about the typo!

Saija said...

i have an autistic cousin, and my aunt understands all his gestures, and facial expressions, etc. just like he were speaking plainly ...

mom's definitely are given a gift of understanding ...

blessings on you !

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I'm having a hard time reading your post, for some reason my eyes are watering and the words want to blur.....I must have some kind of alergy.???

Give Nathan a BIG hug for me.

Maybe your DH should talk to Pop. :-) Love, and Prayers for you, Mr Mac and Nathan as you go thru this learning and teaching time. gramma_s

I googled; sign language and got some help, I can learn parts of it, but then Pop.........for some reason I love that man. :-)

I'm accept any help I can get.

Sara said...

nathan's not the only kid with his own language! and it is a mom thing to be certain. my kids both had their own language and i'm thinking your family has a special gift linguistically as your ann does a fine job of communicating too!

Jim said...

Hey MM, you still have some work cut out for you, don't you. I wish I could come up and sit for a few days while you and the ol' man had a break.
My twins had invented their own language too. In fact they were bilingual for several years. I sometimes remember some of their words. They taught us theirs better than we taught them our English.
Just had a thought, did this come on the same time as your hair turned gray?

Jada's Gigi said...

Mom's just know these things I guess. DH will catch on a little maybe over time. Way to go Nathan on the new bike!

Maggie Ann said...

I can't imagine what an anchor you are in your son's life. This is precious.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh that is so sweet. That is a special place that you will always hold in Nathans life. Your bond with him will never be usurped by another. Theres a sadness to that but also a certain extra special strength and bonding in knowing that. Blessings as you raise this precious boy!

Margie said...

i love your heart... mom's and their children have their own love language

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac...Love..the same in ANY language and that is what the little Gift is all about. Love!
What a gorgeous picture this is of him! I have been away too long from reading your blog.

This morning I am visiting you while I am waiting to hear good news that Betty is finished getting that pace maker and that she is all right an that she will be coming home!....Love Terry

PS Mrs. Mac. It seems to me that you gave us those language lessons over a year or more ago on what the little Gift was saying..I am really sure you did!