"These happy golden years are passing by, these happy golden years." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Beating The Heat

Now without a working air conditioner, it will be nearly impossible to beat this heat! Yes, my new a/c has a fried part and the replacement is somewhere between Texas and Idaho on a truck. Lucky me! Even my normally cool basement is fighting to stay cool. The temps have been hovering around the 100 degree mark causing frayed and short nerve connections in my brain. The house stays tolerable until the mid afternoon ... then a wave of stale, humid air hangs around until way past sundown when it's possible to open the windows. But opening all of the windows has its drawbacks ... more than normal amounts of "dust" in the house, which causes me to work a bit harder cleaning each day ... Oh well, at least I'm physically able to do the cleaning, have a roof over my head and a pillow each night; food, water and loved ones to cherish. I guess in all things (even this heat) I should give thanks to God.

"Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus."
1 Thesalonians 5:18


Jim said...

I 'guess" you are correct with your guess. Better watch that heat when you plant, it will scorch your brain.

Terry said...

Dear Mrs.Mac..I think that you have been working too hard!
If you want, I can mail you some of the cool weather we are having over to you.
I think it is winter left overs!
Hopefully some of the heat that Idaho is having will be moving our way, eh?
Give that little gift a hug for me!..Love Terry

Pat said...

I would have to be perfectly still- in a claw-foot bath tub fill with cool water till my skin was as wrinkled as a raisin. That's not workin' conditions sista! Hopefully the truck carrying the part is not stopping for any McDonalds along the way! On the other hand, it's a good excuse to eat ice cream ~ you have to count your blessings where you find them!

Terry said...

You stay out of that claw-foot tub ,ya' hear me Miss Patty?
Bithday or no birthday..doesn't matter!
Love Terry

Sara said...

shew! i am praying for you and that truck driver! stay cool my sister!

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm still wrinkled from my long soak in the claw foot tub last night! And today I'm making homemade strawberry ice cream and don't care how many calories it has in it! So there HOT WEATHER .. yes, Miss Terry ... please send some of that leftover winter my way PLEASE ... SOS Send Help ...

Constance said...

I LOATHE the heat! I have a saying that,

"When you're cold you can put on more clothes but when you're hot, naked is as cool as it's gonna get!"

Living in Texas, we normally have 100+ degree heat during the summer. All of the rain from the unusual weather pattern we're stuck in has kept it in the 90's so it';s more tolerable. The humidity is still awful but I keep reminding myself that it's usually worse.


Pat said...

I hope you haven't melted! ;)

Mrs. Mac said...

Just about melted down now, Pat ;) Still no a/c ... the part got "lost" in transit on the UPS truck (strange ... just my LUCK) My computer is up stairs in your special room and it's usually too hot to think. My carpet in the basement is being installed (with complications) ... the dog fence people are here and I have to work with them ... oh, ya, I can't make it to my hair appointment today (2nd time to cancel ... I'm a wreck) ... send ICE and PRAYERS please ;)

Pat said...

Prayers going up! My minds eye can picture the joy of children running through a lawn sprinkler - That icy cold water making them howl with laughter. Kind of makes you wish you were a kid again!
It's gotta get better soon...I'm sure of it!